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Oh I’m so devastated. Not.

The last time I looked at the Bookstrand site, all the books on the front page seemed to be about teenage girls being diddled by, either their fathers, or their brothers. I get that some people enjoy that kind of thing, but honestly, it put me off from visiting the site.

Jane at Dear Author posted that Paypal were cracking down on publishers and retailers who sold books containing incest, rape, etc. She originally referenced Siren Publishing as one of the epubs that were being targeted.

She then got a slightly snotty email back from the Siren people who explained that they’ve never had the disgusting themes in their books, and blamed the self-pubbed arseholes “who don’t know where to draw the line when it comes to obscenity.”

The Siren people continue:

We have deactivated those self-pubbed titles from BookStrand as per PayPal’s specific request. Currently, these are the same titles still offered for sale by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance Ebooks…

I don’t know what your agenda is, but it is irresponsible of you for not checking your facts before making such an outlandish and false statement.

I demand that you remove such blatant inaccuracy that stems from your ignorance about what we publish.

Strong words from the people who allowed Lola Newmar to put out books about one apparently virginal female (aged 21), who ends up shagging seven shapeshifting longhorn bulls. I’m not even sure how to describe such a thing.

It seems that the reason that Paypal are ditching these sites were financial rather than on any ethical grounds. Apparently credit card companies don’t like dealing with porn retailers as they are a risky proposition. There are also a lot of chargebacks apparently.

Anyway, I for one sure am happy about the turn of events. It’s at least one less website featuring incest porn. Ewwwww…

Teddypig has a really interesting post on the subject of the number of incest stories on offer over at All Romance Ebooks.