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Obviously the clips are from Stella, seeing as that’s the only Welsh-based show that I watch…

This clip features Stella, her Ex, and his GF, Nadine…

So, is your understanding any better than it was two days ago? 🙂


  • First clip: got everything, and really enjoy the humor.

    Second clip: got the dialogue at the beginning but not so much what the second guy shouts as he comes up to Stella and the rest.

    Third clip: the whole bit, and absolutely love her parting shot to her customer (I guess?) “you should try it”


  • Cindy
    March 2
    2:50 am

    First and second clips, yes.

    Second clip, partly but that could have been all of the screaming around them plus them being out of breath somewhat.


  • Yay! Another lesson on the Welsh accent! 😉
    I watched the first one the other day.. I adore the third clip [episode 6]! 😀


  • Kat
    March 3
    2:31 pm

    I thought I’d have more trouble with it, honestly, but it was fine. And funny! After watching the first clip, I thought it was a reality show. I wonder if we’ll get to see it (free) in Oz.


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