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I actually initially posted about the topic below this post on Goodreads yesterday, and the “writer” who’s comment I copied and pasted, came along to take umbrage with me.

Arch wrote:

“Karen, I’m the one that wrote the above statement and I stand on what I have said. I’m not an author – I’m only a writer. I don’t desire to be published and if I did desire to be published, I would still write for myself and no one else. A lot of people feel they should tell a writer what they should write and not write and they are in the wrong. I don’t and will never let people move me. I write the stories that I want to tell and I’m fine with people hating my work, but yet, I haven’t written the story for them”.

Do you guys really believe that she’d be fine with people hating her work? I think not.

Anyway, this was part of my rather diplomatic response:

“I guess that’s the difference then Arch. I think as somebody who doesn’t particularly want to be published, it’s easy to say that you would only ever write the stories of your heart. I think if you relied on writing as a career, you’d end up treating it as a business rather than as a hobby.” (more…)

I’ve never been that convinced about the above claim, but this comment from an author a writer nicknamed Arch at Goodreads prompted me to explore the question again:

Mercedes, write your stories. As a writer, I never write for anyone but myself. At the end of the day, you are the only one that suppose to be comfortable and like your story, no one else. If a person like your type of storytelling, then that’s them.

Seriously, as an author do you first and foremost write for yourself, then hope like hell that somebody out there loves your work?

I imagine that for an unpublished writer, this may be the case, but is it as true, once you build a fan base, especially for writers like JR Ward who have extremely vocal fans?

Wasn’t there a question of her writing one of the BDB books in a certain way because of how outspoken her “Cellies” were?

So my question to authors, do you write just for you, regardless of reviews, fan views etc, or do you get pulled into writing books that you think your fans will approve of, and/or books that fit with current trends?