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I’m amazed by how many people visit my post about male virgins who are over thirty. The following comment was left by yet another male virgin. His story is very interesting:

I have a very similar situation, but more complex. I’m 34, single and never been kissed.

I grew up in another country where men and women do not talk to each other and most marriages are set up by families. However, I’m not religious, which made me an outcast there. I moved West.

I also had social anxiety. I was very self-conscious about hair loss and body hair.

My height growth stopped at 5’7? due to mumps when I was 13. 5’7? is quite tall. However, it became another reason for my self-consciousness because women in the West constantly rejected me in online dating.

Even women as short as 4’11? reject me because I’m not above 5’8? or 6? or whatever arbitrary minimum criterion they’ve come up with in their online dating profiles.

I experimented by increasing my height to 5’9? or 6’1? with exactly the same profile content, and I would get responses from the same women who rejected me previously.

I proved through a lot of experiments using different photos, fake hair, PhotShop’ping, changing height, athleticism, etc that women online were just shallow! (more…)