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I’m currently participating in a thread over at Goodreads entitled Do self-published ebooks have a bad reputation?

My answer of course was a resounding yes.

Because I can’t be arsed re-writing what I wrote, here’s my response:

“Most definitely. And as you allude to, poorly edited works full grammatical errors is one of the main reasons why. For me also, some of the hissyfits and unprofessional behaviour from some self-published authors ranting at reviewers/readers who did not like their work, have not helped the cause.

No doubt, a lack of editing and proof-reading skills will not help any aspiring author. But are those who push out poorly-presented novels spoiling it for the majority?

In my experience, I would say yes. Obviously I haven’t read every self-pubbed book in the world, but I find that there is a major difference in quality between the authors who have been traditionally pubbed, and trying out self-pubbing, and the authors who have turned to self-publishing just so they can see their book up in lights as it were, due to being rejected by every traditional publisher they’ve subbed to.

If so, what can be done to convince potential readers not to tar all self-published ebooks with the same brush?

Reduce the number of books that are error strewn. Increase the quality of editing, heck perhaps even have some kind of accreditation system where the reader knows that if a self-pubbed book has a seal on it that denotes quality editing, then the worst they can expect is to not like the actual story. I hasten to add that the seal of approval would not necessarily be given by a review site. I’m thinking something like The Self-Publishing Standards Authority. I just totally made that up, but you get my point.”

What do you guys think of that idea? Having a seal of approval from an official body that the self-pubbed book that you’re about to read, adheres to a basic standard of quality, e.g. decent formatting, professionally edited, minimal spelling and grammatical errors etc?

What would that body look like? Who would you prefer to run such an organisation? Reviewers? A panel made up of successful self-published authors, reviewers, editors etc? How would it be funded? And lastly, do you actually give a shit whether a self-pubbed book is well-edited anyway?

What a fun friends-to-lovers story.

Alice and Gabriel have been friends for years, and one night when one of Alice’s romantic entanglements ends in disaster (AGAIN), she ends up in Gabriel’s house, in Gabriel’s bedroom at stupid o’clock, lamenting the state of her love life.

Gabriel’s used to Alice bending his ear about what sluts men are, but he could really do with a coffee. Especially if Alice is about to cry. Gabriel really hates seeing women cry, and Alice is a regular walking sob-fest.

Alice has had a crush on her big brother’s best friend for ages, and the attraction keeps getting stronger. He of course sees her as just his best friend’s sister, something that frustrates Alice no end.

Whilst she’s crying on his shoulder, Alice detects a look of lust in Gabriel’s eyes – perhaps there’s something she can do to finally get Gabe to notice her as a woman? She wants him, and he seems to want her, so what’s the problem?

The rest of the book sees Alice doing her best to seduce Gabriel, despite his best intentions, with mixed, but amusing results.

I liked that the heroine was the aggressor in this relationship. Poor Gabriel, he didn’t really stand a chance at escaping Alice’s devious machinations. His protective instincts especially come to the fore when Alice informs him that she’s decided to date as many men as possible, in an effort to find Mr Perfect.

A hugely likable heroine, and a hard-done-by hero, who has no idea how to do DIY. Definitely a recipe for a good, fun book. Although I got this book free, I’d definitely read this author again.

One thing though, as with any heroine called Alice, I couldn’t help but continuously think to myself, “Alice, Alice, who the f*ck is Alice?”

You can buy this book from Amazon.com here. (It may still be free)