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Azteclady Review: Sam's Creed by Sarah McCarty

This month’s TBR Challenge theme is catching up with a series. Well, I just had the right book languishing in my humongous TBR mountain range. It’s been nigh on four years since I read and reviewed Caine’s Reckoning, and almost as long has Sam’s Creed been languishing on the shelves, unread.

Sam’s Creed, by Sarah McCarty.

The second title in the Hell’s Eight series, Sam’s Creed is set a few months after the events of Caine’s Reckoning. To sum it up, the other seven to Caine’s eighth are following up on every rumor about stolen white women in the territory, looking for Ari Blake, Desi’s twin sister. In the course of this search, Sam pretty much stumbles across his own woman, Isabella Montoya.

A disclaimer, I think, applies here. This is an erotic romance. Not only is there sex in this book, there is quite graphic sex and quite a bit of it, with plenty of graphic language to go along with it. So, if you object to either or these, you may want to refrain from reading the review—let alone the book.

Let me be upfront about the fact that I did not enjoy this novel nearly as much as I did the previous one. Fact is, it was a rather big letdown. However, it is a testament to the appeal of Ms McCarty’s voice that I managed to sail through all 400+ pages of it in three, four sittings, without any major derailments in my reading, despite the things that irked me about the book.

First irritant, the back cover blurb: (more…)

Help! Blog Designer Needed ASAP!

Monday, March 19, 2012
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I’m aware that this blog has needed a massive redesign for ages, however some of the prices for redesigns are out of my blog budget. Can you guys recommend somebody who does blog designs in their spare time? Cheap being the operative word here.

I need somebody who’s obviously fluent in WordPress code, in a way that I neither have the time nor the inclination to be, and somebody who’s pretty creative too would be helpful:)

If you or somebody you know wants to offer their services, you can email me at hairylemony @ gmail.com (without the spaces. Seriously, why do I have to even type that bit out??)

Thanks muchly!