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She’s an Elloras Cave Author. According to Katiebabs her book Wrath, which is apparently part of her popular ‘Species’ series, is number fourteen on the list.

I understand that she’s been on the list before, and allegedly hers was the first EC book to hit the list. Not sure how true that is, but it’s still an impressive feat nonetheless. Never really heard of her though. It could be because my Google Reader is chock-full of unread posts, but she doesn’t seem to get mentioned all that often.

I want to know where her fan base came from, it seems to have sprung from nowhere. I can only think her success is from having a series that fans have invested in. I’ve always thought that writing a series is the way forward for authors who may not necessarily have a solid marketing machine behind them.

Have you guys read her? What are your thoughts? Is she worth trying out? (via Amazon obviously).


  • I’m guessing that the radio silence means that not one of you have read her? (Or is willing to admit to having read her maybe??)

    In which case, how are her books so popular?


  • Bonnie
    March 21
    10:55 pm

    Not read her and never heard of her. Interesting.


  • People still buy the crap that EC churns out? With minimal exceptions(yes, you Lynn Conolly), there ain’t nothing they publish that I would pay for. Actually, there isn’t much that I see at their store that I would read for free.


  • I’ve seen some chatter about her on the Amazon forums.If memory serves me correct, two things kinda stick:

    1. She sold a boat load of books to EC in one fell swoop. something ridiculous like 27? (my bad, it was 75: http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/laurann-dohner-signs-75-book-deal-with-elloras-cave_b34211)

    2. The premise of her New Species series/characters is similar to Lora Leigh’s breed series.Considering the popularity of LL, for peeps who are looking for more of the same, LD’s got a built in audience if she can deliver (and it looks like she has)

    2a. Like LL’s Breeds, LD’s New Species series is/seems to be super erotic (not sure if she has the back-door action the way LL does).

    ps – Okay, just checked Amazon, can’t be arse to search for the comment thread in question, but if you skim through the reviews for her first couple of books, you’ll see a number of comments re the similarity to LL’s Breeds.


  • JoanneF
    March 22
    3:08 am

    I read one of her books from a different series. I enjoyed it, but it was very formulaic. Alpha male alien forces human female to mate, she can’t resist his massive physique and unflagging lovemuscle. She talks incessantly about her non-doormattish independence, buy lays down and spreads whenever she’s within sight of his godlike manliness. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s fun for what it is, but I’ve read a dozen others like it.


  • ps – Okay, just checked Amazon, can’t be arse to search for the comment thread in question, but if you skim through the reviews for her first couple of books, you’ll see a number of comments re the similarity to LL’s Breeds.

    @VanessaJaye. Actually, now you mention it, that theory sounds familiar, and the 75 book deal thing rings a bell with me. I wonder how Lora Leigh feels about her basically writing the same books, but changing the species? I wonder if those books started life as fan fiction?


  • Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s fun for what it is, but I’ve read a dozen others like it.

    Hey, that does sound like a Lora Leigh book! At least hers is more original though. I want to test it out with freebies at Amazon,


  • I have a couple of her books on my TBR, as when I read her blurbs, they sounded similar to the breeds. Can’t say anything about her writing… yet.


  • Becky H
    March 28
    3:58 am

    I haven’t read any EC lately because the last few I got I ended up asking myself when I finished them why I wasted that many hours of my life and my money on them because the writing was poor.


  • CaroleDee
    April 1
    8:45 am

    I really enjoy Laurann Dohner’s books. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a fan girl. Yes, they have a bit of a formula to them, but what author doesn’t?
    I would like to point out that she’s said on her blog a few times that she wrote most of the New Species books about 10 years ago. She pulled them, revised them, and had them published, which is why she’s been able to release them so close together.
    I found Dohner before Lora Leigh and thought that since everyone compared their series so much I should give the Breed one a go, after reading three of those (I gave up) I can honestly say they stink compared to New Species. Too much sex, not enough story. I’m obviously no prude, but I like to have a little plot. Give Laurann Dohner a try before passing judgement.

    *It’s early, and I’m tired. Sorry for grammatical mistakes and all, but I felt the need to reply to this one*


  • Mireya
    April 16
    10:53 pm

    Update: I started reading one of of Laurann Dohner’s books. It reminds me of the “good ol’ days” when I first discovered erotic romance via EC. I was a Jaid Black fan back then, particularly her Trek M’Quan series, and this particular book is bringing back some memories from when I first fell in love with erotic romance. I’d dare say that definitely, if you want to give it a try, go for it. I stopped reading erotic romance on a regular basis years ago (a combo of burn-out and not liking what EC was putting out), this one, however, is actually keeping me interested enough to go back for more.


  • Maria
    September 10
    9:13 am

    I have just finished reading the New Species series and I am working on reading LD’s Cyborg Seduction. I liked them but I have not read LL’s Breed series yet. I agree with Mireya and think you could give a read. Will I read something better in the future, who knows. But I did enjoy them more because It has a storyline and it wasn’t just about sex.


  • ladygodiva
    April 23
    4:50 pm

    I have read all of LD and LL. The series are really not that similar. Personally, I like LD better as I am not a fan of real dom/sub elements as they present in the breed series. Also not a fan of the forced aspect of anal in that series. The women of New Species are more real and definitely less submissive to the men. Outside of those two series, LD’s books are more my speed as well.



  • Tina
    August 26
    11:05 pm

    Honestly? Not everyone likes the major d/s themes that are a cornerstone of LL’s Breeds series. Or the requirement for anal sex. I personally much prefer the eroticism of LD’s series. And lets me real, we aren’t reading them for the literary value, but for the entertainment, so . Almost all MMPB are somewhat formulaic, and don’t even get me started on SciFi.

    LD’s series, of which I have read most, are decent and fun reads. If you want a lot more kink, you need to head over the LL’s series. She has several that make me cringe really. But, each to their own.


  • Lydia
    October 15
    3:47 pm

    For most of y’all the breed series are blah they felt too rushed I only made it to five but with the new species omg I read all 12 in two weeks. I loved the books so much. People should read them give them a chance shoot I know I was surprised.


  • janett
    April 14
    5:11 pm

    I have started reading her books, as of last week. I skip the sex parts,….. I just want the story. It is similiar to the Breed series. I am enjoying them, I starting reading them in order at first and skipped around. I am reading them for free from NYPL ebooks. I’m not into EC, someone suggested the series. It is something to read to pass the time.


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