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Do you think she noticed?

RRRJessica has a post about this year’s Book Blogger Convention and the controversy around how Reed is running things. I won’t repeat what I said there, as this post is about something else entirely.

In the comment thread, Katy L says:

I agree with some of the concerns about the setup of BBC, and I sincerely hope the BEA powers that be adjust accordingly (like they did by taking down the box for blog stats). I think if they listened to blogger concerns, and made the panels more valuable and interesting to bloggers, that would make the conference something I’d want to attend.

But honestly, I’m just a bit fatigued by all this righteous anger. Certain bloggers are always SO quick to take to twitter and their blogs to make a big scandalous bubble out of virtually ANYTHING that comes their way. Everybody loves a good bloodbath, and they’re all out for blood (or page hits). It seems like a HUGE to do about nothing.

Like many of these scandalous bubbles, there’s WAY too much chatter, and NONE OF IT is about books. Lame. And how do these people have so much time on their hands?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s way easier to write an outraged blog post with lots of twitter screen grabs and links than to actually read and review a book thoughtfully.

Obviously Katy L is entitled to her opinions and her fatigue with the issue, but I wonder if she even realized that her last sentence seems to take a potshot at her host (twitter screen grabs) even though I don’t see outrage in Jessica’s post.

(And let’s not even go into the upstanding quality of Jessica’s reviews)

It may not have been Katy L’s intention, but that sentence came across as rather passive aggressive.

Still, the part of the comment that truly bothered me is the judgement implied in the whole “it’s not about books, lame, too much time in their hands” bit.


  • lol. I noticed. I actually quoted it in my final comment. She’s entitled to her opinion, although I hope it is not in fact as negative as it came off!


  • So it went from a Con “by bloggers, for bloggers” to something that was “purchased” and now is 100% commercialized… no wonder it is FUBARED now. *snort*



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