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New Kid on the Blog

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Posted in: willaful

Hey, everyone. I’m known in these parts as Willaful, though my willfulness sadly does not come with fiery red-hair, violet eyes, or a tendency to pound men with my tiny fists. I’m an avid romance reader and have been reviewing at GoodReads for a few years.

When Karen invited me to participate in her blog, my first thought (after “holy shit!”) was “This is really bad timing. I’m busy. I’m sad. Reading and reviewing have been very weird lately, because I’m busy and sad.”  But who am I to argue with Karen? I said I’d like to try, Karen suggested I could write about why I’m sad, if I wanted to, and since my feelings have had a lot of impact on my reading — and vice-versa — that made sense.

So here it is. Around two months ago I got the news that my friend J, who was battling cancer, was not going to win.  It kind of amazed me that the world didn’t just stop, especially amongst our group of friends. Parties kept happening. People kept right on posting silly links on Facebook. But possibly my reaction would seem just as strange to them: I pulled out my Nook and started reading a freebie ebook I’d picked up months before, The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton. It’s a D/s novel about a man whose best friend is dying, who is chosen by the friend to take over as Dom to his sub wife. (more…)