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…Is more fucking expensive than the paperback version on Amazon UK, how messed up is that???

The kindle version is £6.99, and the paperback version is £5.99. I find this highly annoying, especially as I’m dying to read the book. I’m gonna wait until it reduces in price out of principle.


  • Jane A
    April 1
    8:06 am

    Definitely annoying when that happens! I assume they still have the HC in print and don’t want to devalue that?

    At least you make up for it in shipping costs (for those of us who don’t get free shipping).


  • Here the book is only available on hard cover (which is $16.99 in Amazon, and more expensive everywhere else) and Kinde edition is $14.99. Since I am not that happy with the way the author has been writing the books, I am going to wait for the paperback which in turn will mean a lowered price for the ebook. I still haven’t gotten over what she did with Lover Unleashed and how she treated Payne and Manuel’s love story as if it was a secondary plot. I am not willing to spend that kind of money on her books any longer.


  • P.S. I just saw that the paperback is available for preorder. It releases in that format in October. Not a bad wait.


  • Oh, I hate that! What I find even more annoying when the Kindle price is still in the range of the hardcover edition even AFTER the paperback edition has beem released. Grrrrr!


  • There’s an “is” missing in my last remarked. Sorry. I’ve just had to wade through tons of the worst poetry I’ve ever come across and it has done horrible things to me …


  • I feel your pain! I wanted to read Susan Sey’s 2nd book and the ebook is $8+ when the paperback is $6, are they nuts!?!?!? The woman is new author (at least, under that name, as far as I know) unlike JR Ward who can have the excuse of being a big author.

    I’m waiting for publishers to come to their senses over ebooks…


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