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Batshit crazy racists, or merely seekers of truth and justice and upholders of the American way?

You guys know what I think…


  • The ones I know that are supposed to have more than 2 brain cells to rub together, view themselves as “seekers of truth and justice” they also believe that it is their duty to protect the country from socialist aka Democrats. They don’t want “Big” government, even when it has been proven time and again that big corporations WILL NOT police themselves, hence, government intervention will always be required. They are the protectors of capitalism at its worse, and basically, the unemployed are unemployed because they want to. They wear blinders even to the simplest of FACTS placed in front of them. I don’t believe that all of them are batshit crazy, but sadly, they have allowed the batshit crazy fringes to take over leadership and become the loudest, hence the now constant circus we are regaled with on a daily basis.


  • LVLMLeah
    April 2
    1:27 pm

    Someone in that thread brought up an unteresting point, Trayvon was standing his ground against a weirdo following him. But if Trayvon would have
    been armed and shot Zimmerman he would have possibly been shot
    by the police and defintitely arrested and if he tried to claim the stand your ground law people would have dismissed him outright.

    Yes, the current breed of conservatives with the biggest mouths are batshit crazy. But commentor did say one thing on a decent level, this stand your ground law is vague and too wild, wild west. I mean we already have self defense laws that have been working fine for decades. Stand your ground is an NRA baby and the more rights and ease it is in getting and owning guns, the better for them.


  • Batshit crazy racists, or defenders of the American way? Actually they’re both. Racism IS the American way.


  • LVLMLeah — sadly, I think that is likely very true.

    I saw on CNN the other night that yet another unarmed black teenager was shot and killed — by police — after a false 911 call claiming he was armed. It seems astonishing that that could happen again during all this controversy, but I guess that shows how deep the roots of the problem are: http://abcnews.go.com/US/false-911-call-leads-manslaughter-charge/story?id=16030088#.T3nkBo6OQ4A


  • When I saw the author’s name, I knew what my answer would be without even reading the article: batshit crazy. William Kristol is the one who gave the world Sarah Palin on a silver platter. Bat. Shit. Crazy.

    And, what Roslyn said. 🙁


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