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Forget DABWAHA, the bracket to watch now is the fight to the death of the Internet Dickbags, as painstakingly compiled at Ludic Live.  I’m… proud? to be representing the much misunderstood Anal Retentive minority as Guy Who Constantly Makes Incredibly Petty Factual Corrections Preceded With The Word “Actually” and I’m looking forward to smacking down Woman Who Thinks That Being A Stickler For Grammar Is The Same Thing As Being A Literary Critic.

This year’s fight will feature the recently added categories Guy Who Gets Strangely Upset About The Casting Of Black Actors In Genre Fiction Films, who’ll duke it out with Woman Who Is Angrily Defensive About Reading Nothing But Young Adult Novels. The more traditional favorite Woman Who Isn’t Racist But vs. Guy Who Doesn’t Hate Gays He Is Just Saying That’s All will undoubtedly be a nailbiter.

My husband is highly disappointed that Guy Who Is Dryly Amused At How Silly The Internet Is While Never Logging Off didn’t make the cut this year, so he can’t participate.


  • Good lord, I feel faint ….


  • Ooohhh, that looks like a good one! On a completely random note, maybe I should spend less time on FB… I keep looking for that darned “Like” button 😛



  • Las
    April 5
    2:21 pm

    I love this so, so much.


  • Mireya, I’m sure we can get a category out of that somehow…

    Thanks Las, though I can’t take credit for most of the jokes.


  • Guy Whose Reaction To Everything Is To Quote South Park vs. Woman Who Spends 14 Hours A Day Writing Stories Where Male Space Aliens Have Tender Sex With One Another

    OMG! I know both these people!!!


  • Lol, love this!


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