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What. The. Fuck.

Here’s the story from The Mirror.

A GIRL of 10 has caused outrage after she became one of the world’s youngest mothers.

The child, who has not been named, gave birth to a healthy daughter in a Colombian hospital.

It was her first visit to a doctor in connection with her pregnancy.

The girl is a member of the indigenous Wayuu tribe in the La Guajira Peninsula and was 39 weeks pregnant when she underwent a Caesarean section.

Doctors carried out the risky operation because of her age – and both mother and daughter, who weighed just 5lbs, are said to be “doing well”.

I have no words.

Hospital director Efrain Pacheco Casadiego said: “At a time when [the girl] should be playing with dolls, they go to having to take care of a baby. It’s shocking.”

The age and identity of the father remains a mystery.

Alejandro Samplayo, director of parenthood organisation Instituto Colombiano Bienestar Familiar, said: “Since it’s a Wayuu girl we are trying to respect all of their rights since they have autonomy and their own jurisdiction.”

The girl is not the first pre-teen to give birth.

In November last year a 10-year-old Mexican girl gave birth to a son.

I bet it’s one of her relatives who’s the father.


  • That is just sick. It would not surprise me if the father is a relative…


  • Anon 76
    April 9
    8:52 am

    Thing is, I’d have to learn more about the tribe to say it sick or not (not on the incest thing, but her age factor.) Though hard to fathom, there are still a number of peoples living in areas where modern society has barely touched.

    Their lives are so verra different than ours and even more tenuous. Life spans are far shorter, customs are different, especially when thinking of a male or female as being “of age”. We’re talking survival of the clan type thing here.

    Granted, ten is verra young, but could she be twelve or thirteen? Just saying that if birthdays aren’t tracked, she could be a hair older and the doctors are making an estimated guess.

    And for those this will anger on some level, think Romeo and Juliet. They were youngsters by our standards.


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