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We’re in the midst of currently re-designing the blog, (yeah I know most of you are thinking, about time too!) What changes would you guys like to see? You can choose from any of the following, but obviously, all comments and suggestions are welcomed:

More reviews?
Less reviews?
Sensuality ratings?
More opinion pieces?
Less opinion pieces?
Better functionality? (if so, anything in particular?)
Plugin suggestions?
Other navigation buttons?

Also, where do you personally buy your books from? I know that I currently only list Amazon, but if there’s a need for other links for sites such as B&N etc, we can look at including those too.

The colour scheme is going to be red and white, what do you think? I love those colours, but I was thinking the other day that it might make it harder for you guys to read at work.

Don’t be shy, let me know what you really think.

I don’t mean the blog, I mean the actual www.likesbooks.com site.

Once upon a time, I used to go there fairly often to read reviews etc, but these days, I tend to look for reviews at Dear Author first.

I used to love the At The Back Fence weekly column, which was done away with ages ago. I’m sure their readership is still as strong as it ever was, but I must admit, I miss Laurie Gold’s presence. Whether you loved or hated Laurie, her management of the site was pretty awesome. I think I miss the controversy. There never seems to be anything of note happening over there these days. Or should I say, I’m not hearing about them, which is very unusual.

I wonder if the owners themselves feel as passionate about the site as they once did?