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We’re in the midst of currently re-designing the blog, (yeah I know most of you are thinking, about time too!) What changes would you guys like to see? You can choose from any of the following, but obviously, all comments and suggestions are welcomed:

More reviews?
Less reviews?
Sensuality ratings?
More opinion pieces?
Less opinion pieces?
Better functionality? (if so, anything in particular?)
Plugin suggestions?
Other navigation buttons?

Also, where do you personally buy your books from? I know that I currently only list Amazon, but if there’s a need for other links for sites such as B&N etc, we can look at including those too.

The colour scheme is going to be red and white, what do you think? I love those colours, but I was thinking the other day that it might make it harder for you guys to read at work.

Don’t be shy, let me know what you really think.


  • Las
    April 9
    3:04 pm

    Sensuality ratings! I’m not gonna lie…I can’t read romances that don’t have a least some sex. I might as well read YA if no one’s going to get it on. So I find it really helpful when reviewers include that information.

    More reviews are always welcome, because they let me know what’s out there. And I love opinion pieces. I read blogs more for them than I do for reviews.

    When you say red and white do you mean red background with white typing (or the other way around)? Because I find anything other than black is really hard on the eyes. Besides that I’ll have to see it to decide what I think.


  • Hi Las, red border and white background, with red accents.


  • Sorry, no, the typing will remain black.


  • Las
    April 9
    3:42 pm

    Oh, good. The red and white sounds pretty.


  • Honestly, I like it as it is. I’m here for the awesome straight forward content. 🙂 So, more opinion pieces? Reviews? I think as long as the layout is easy to use and easy to read, then it’s all good. 🙂


  • Same as I say for all the mainstream sites, more multicultural reviews. If you don’t care to read them yourself, find someone who would. I’d volunteer my own services, but that might be sern as a conflict of interest. Other than that, oh, and I too would like sensuality ratings, and put the rating at the top of the review, I’m not interested in no sex books either.


  • Janet W
    April 9
    6:30 pm

    Don’t fix it if it’s not broken 🙂 I like your more personal, UK-centric pieces, because it’s a voice I don’t always get to read, living as I do out in NorCal. I wish you would RT your new blogs a teensy bit more than you do on twitter because I hate to miss them. I like that you often comment on the Story of the Month a few weeks later — it’s great to get a different opinion. Lastly, YEAH that Willaful is reviewing for you: I always enjoy her voice.


  • I’d love B&N links, I buy from them more often than Amazon.


  • Your book reviews and opinion pieces are always entertaining, the more the merrier. Also I would like to see more B&N links too.


  • katieM
    April 9
    11:13 pm

    More opinion pieces. I like the non-US view of things. What we get over here is so slanted that its usually worthless. I like the reviews and the idea of a sensuality rating is cool.


  • Love red and white. *ahem* Those are the colours I use for my site.

    More reviews, please. And sensuality ratings would be nice because even though I’ve been skipping over sex scenes lately, not finding them when I expect them annoys me. I don’t like being teased.

    Forget the plugins. Most of them just slow down your site.

    And I love the UK-centric pieces. It reminds me of my time living in Europe. I’d retire in Europe if I didn’t love Victoria, BC so much. I want to spend my golden years sitting on a dock and listening to Otis Redding.


  • Meri
    April 10
    8:52 am

    So kind of a Manchester United color scheme? Yes, I think that would look good.

    I’ll also join the thumbs-up for UK-centric content. You pretty much sold me on Dorothy Koomson, and for this I am very grateful.

    I saw the request for more B&N links and personally, I’d like to see links to multiple sellers. But if it’s not an option (or at least a convenient one), that’s okay; I can Google 🙂


  • Love the opinion pieces. Don’t ever stop that. Not interested in reviews…and things on craft? Not my cup of tea.


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