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Your Kiss is On My List of Really Boring Things in This Romance

After years of research, I’ve concluded that the single most tedious, often repeated line to be found in a romance novel is, “The man could really kiss.”

If there’s ever a time when I want to be shown, not told, it’s during a love scene. I’m an emotional reader; I can appreciate  a romance for its exquisite writing or an intriguing plot, but if those aren’t in service of making me feel strongly, I’ll always find something lacking in the book.  I want to know what it’s like to get that incredible kiss, from someone you love or are going to love. And if you can’t make me feel that connection during a simple kiss, no way am I going to feel interested in following these characters into a steamy sex scene.

Which inevitably raises the question, why am I still reading Fifty Shades of Grey and hoping I might start to enjoy it at some point?


  • It was rough but I did manage to get to the end.
    There is just no enjoyment in it whatsoever.


  • What impelled you to keep going?


  • I was reviewing it for my blog and even if I hate a book, i make myself finish it so I can review it thorougly.


  • What impelled either of you to even start?

    Don’t mean to be snarky, but from all I’ve read about this book at various and sundry sites, it’s the last thing I’d want to waste my time reading, especially when there are other books waiting to be discovered. Books like Tamara Allen’s “The Only Gold”, my cautious foray into m/m territory. 🙂

    I guess my question is: Why did you even start it, given the different reviews of the writing and/or plot. And why do continue reading if you don’t like it?


  • Despite the 10 minute time difference in our posts, Becky and I posted at about the same time. Sorry about that, Becky, you post answered my question.

    Glad I’m not a reviewer, lol.


  • I have trustworthy friends who enjoyed it, plus curiosity.


  • LOL No biggie Carolyn.

    I’m not a professional reviewer but I am a writer in my spare time and reading bad books reminds me what not to do.


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