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These guys are perfect examples

of why I no longer consider myself Catholic–more, they make me ashamed to admit that at one point I was Catholic.

Bishop John Nienstedt violates the separation of church and state, directing priests in his diocesis to ‘to defend and define marriage.” Just over a year ago, he used church funds to pay for anti gay marriage DVDs to be made and distributed in his state. (Why again are Catholic churches tax exempt when they are obviously and publicly engaging in politic issues?).

Bishop Daniel Jenky compares Obama’s policies to Nazi religious prosecution (yes, he did go there).

And newly minted Cardinal Timonthy Dolan, for whom “The definition of marriage is a given:  it is a lifelong union of love and fidelity leading, please God, to children, between one man and one woman.” (so what, when the husband beats the hell out of everyone else in the family, or both parents neglect, abuse or kill their kids…why is that considered marriage, then?)

/rant (for now)


  • I know. It boggles the mind. I was taught in school (I went to Catholic school) that God was a God of love… meanwhile crap like what you just described is what’s being sold to the general public. Contradictions much?


  • JoanneF
    April 20
    6:51 pm

    Count me in as another cringing ex-Catholic.


  • JoanneF
    April 20
    7:51 pm



  • It would be most interesting if religions who violated the separation of church and state lost their tax exempt status. Oh, the wails and the crying! 😉


  • Throwmearope
    April 21
    2:50 pm

    The Catholic bishops called Paul Ryan out on his budget and he, supposedly a Catholic, said they were mistaken.

    I like how the Pope and the Catholics are right (e.g. regarding denying contraception coverage) only when they’re singing the songs the Republicans like to hear.

    If you think being an ex-Catholic is bad, try being an ex-Baptist. At least I have good company. Jimmy Carter is also an ex-Baptist.

    The Baptists apologized about 6 or 7 years ago for being the main financial support of the KKK for over 90 years.


  • I really don’t think any churches should be tax exempt anymore. It’s just ridiculous how political they’ve gotten. Another reason I’m glad to be an atheist.


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