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20 years of change--still a long way to go.

Because half of humanity is still not treated equally like the other half: “as human beings women and girls should have equal rights to men under the law and equal opportunity to enjoy their human rights.”

Go to Equality Now and do your part to help change the world–for yourself, for your sisters, for your daughters–and for all the men in their lives.


  • Patrice
    April 26
    7:29 pm

    Excellent! 🙂 I sometimes get discouraged, fighting the same fight, but when I see an organization like Equality Now it gives me hope. Lift your voice. 🙂


  • Bruce
    April 27
    3:18 pm

    Good! They should start with fighting abortion, which kills more girls than boys all over the world.


  • @Bruce: Fuck you, ignorant asshole.


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