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And People Wonder Why I Hate Organised Religion So Much...

Check out this utter knob jockey called Bruce, who had this (and loads more besides) to say:

“It is funny to see the charge of misogyny leveled at the Church by women who promote the female version of pornography. Both “romance novels” and porn objectify and destroy the dignity of men and women. The Church opposes this, because she believes in the dignity of men and women, and rejects our objectification.

The Church is the only institution which, for the last 2000+ years, has regarded a WOMAN as the greatest human being to ever live. Better than any world leader. Better than any king. Better than any president. Better than any man or any other woman in the history of the universe. She is the Mother of God, Mary, and only the Church venerates her above all other human beings. The Church – that “misogynistic institution” considers a woman to be better than all other human beings who have ever lived, or will ever live, and venerates her as such. The Church – that bastion of “misogyny” – which has exalted countless women saints as exemplars of the human race. The Church is the ONLY institution which upholds a woman’s natural sexuality – no poisons or barriers or mutilation – and exalts her fertility as a gift, not a disease.

The Church knows she is the BRIDE of Christ. (K: Absolute wackjob alert!) And that she serves Him, and no one else. Christ gave His life for HER and no one else. The Church, and John Paul II in particular, exhorts husbands to love their wives like Christ loves the Church – to DIE FOR THEIR WIVES.

I’ve never seen an institution so completely in love with women, and in particular mothers, than the Church.

You see, your ignorance has blinded you to the only institution which actually upholds your dignity in a world of unbridled objectification, pornography, and abuse of women. The sexual revolution only brought misery and pain.

Look at your own lives. Those who indulge in porn and “romance novels” have consistently poor relationships. The divorce rates are sky high for women and men who participate in these things.

In contrast, men who believe what the Church teaches, and live by it, treat women so well, they never divorce. Our divorce rate is 4%. Yours is above 50%. We treat our wives with respect, love, and a level of devotion that requires us to die for them if need be.

That is the kind of love you only find in fictional romance novels, and in the Catholic Church.

Bruce – husband, father, and disciple of Jesus Christ.”

He is everything that I hate about organised religion. Rampant intolerance for other people’s lifestyles, all in the name of God. Fucking hypocrite.

I bet as well as being Catholic he’s a Republican, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Twat.


  • Anon 76
    August 15
    4:40 am

    @Anon 12938:

    “Absolutely. Corrupt, flawed, human beings throughout all of history. You, me, the Pope, everybody. Our thinking is flawed because we are flawed. And when you have a “moment of clarity”, it’s probably a delusion.

    Kind of depressing, huh?”

    Actually, I don’t find it depressing except for the wars based on organized religion throughout the ages. And even then it’s more a sadness, the knowing of the idiocy that all humans are capable of.

    But when I step outside and watch the clouds, trees blowing in the breeze, honeybees, a growing garden of flowers and vegetables, well, then I know where God is and I need look no further. Not in rewritten tomes and not in a church pew.


  • Anon 12938
    August 15
    4:42 am

    @Stephani Hecht:

    Sorry your parents couldn’t help you out more. I’m sure they wanted the best for you.

    I’ll tell you my initials. If you really want to know my name, you can email me.



  • Anon 12938
    August 15
    4:57 am

    @Anon 76:

    Wars are always about resources. And they occur despite the religions calling for peace. Flawed reasoning by flawed humans can justify just about anything. That’s my theory, probably flawed.



  • Anon 76
    August 15
    5:25 am

    @Anon 12938:

    Yes, and the Crusades were all about three religions contesting their “Holy grounds”. I suppose you could call that a “resource”. Me, I wouldn’t.

    And a “call to peace” is just a flim flam way to be politically correct now-a-days. If peace meant the Pope would step down, would it happen? No. And extrapolate that to any other organized religion.


  • fred
    December 15
    8:01 pm

    the only person that is intolerant is you – karen

    “He is everything that I hate about organised religion. Rampant intolerance for other people’s lifestyles, all in the name of God. Fucking hypocrite.

    I bet as well as being Catholic he’s a Republican, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Twat.”

    let’s see…summarizing your words…

    love the left 😉


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