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What the fuck is her actual problem?

Have you ever dealt with a person who always takes exception to what you have to say, no matter what it is?

I mean, even when you agree with her, she bitches at you because you don’t agree with her enough. Or you don’t use her language to agree with her.

And if you don’t talk to her, she bitches at you for what you say to other people–people who are adults, intelligent and articulate enough themselves, mind you, to ream you a new one if they thought you deserved it, or if they felt you were attacking them.

Yet this person, who has no dog in a fight that isn’t even taking place, comes at you loaded for bear, demanding (basically) that you shut up.

But, lest you think it’s lil ole innocent me (fragile flower of femininity that I am *adjusts halo again*) who is the problem, I have seen this same person do the exact same thing to…well, everyone else she comes in contact. It may take her a day or a few months, but no one who is present where she is escapes her constant harping.

Anyone wanna venture a guess, why does she do this?

(And bonus brownie points to whoever guesses who I’m talking about)


  • Honestly, not a clue, but that’s as par the course with me, now I am really curious =)



  • Linette
    April 27
    1:26 pm

    Would that be a certain author from down under? She’s very impulsive, opinionated and quick to take offense from both real and imagined slights. A very combustible combination of personality quirks all around. Her unwarranted aggressiveness against you came completely out of the blue. I don’t blame you for fuming about it.


  • I’ll bet my house that you’re talking about Somerville. I guess nothing changes with her. Haven’t ‘seen’ her for a while, so no clue what the kerfuffle is though.


  • Mireya
    April 27
    4:41 pm

    @Karen Scott: Um. That one even I know. She’s persona non grata in several blogs I frequent.


  • @Linette: @Karen Scott: Aaaaaaand…correct on the first guess.


  • Anon 76
    April 28
    5:30 pm

    Yes, I know this type. At a time when I should have been really happy, my said person tanked me to where I lost all interest in even trying to bounce back. Like a virus that sucks out your soul day by day


  • This particular instance is just breathtaking.

    I like how she accused everyone else of sucking up, while doing exactly the same thing they are doing.

    She in a class by herself–which is good, I don’t think the world could take too many like her.


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