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The arrogance of organized religion

(or rather, its staunch defenders¹)

The latest preacher in our discussion of religion, particularly the Catholic church, brought on this latest jewel, by someone who signs the comment as Mary:

If you want to think of priests as leaders, go right ahead, but you’re wrong, they’re not: they have a very, very specific role, they are priests, they offer the Sacraments.

Bishops, cardinals and Popes come from the community of priests, so they are men.

Baseball coaches come from the ranks of ballplayers, so they are ballplayers. See? Not insidious, just logical.

If you are so minded to consider the father of a family the only leader: (1) get into the right century and (2) where does that leave the woman? By your logic, the woman, being unable to produce sperm, cannot be a leader of the family. We know that’s obviously wrong.

Some of our most fundamental roles are specific to our sex: mother, father, sister, brother. Also priest.

You are looking at what the priest does and who he is with the eyes of an outsider and someone who has never opened a catechism or even a good dictionary before speaking. I think you would be relieved if you spent ten minutes reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church on priesthood and the roles of the sexes.

I’m almost speechless at the idiocy.

So priests can offer the sacraments, women can’t be priests…but there is no discrimination. And coaches are not leaders? Never mind that, if we were to follow this ‘logic,’ then we start with the premise that women can’t even be players, which confirms the church’s misogyny, thank you very much.

Then again, this idjit is talking about fundamental roles for the sexes–enough said.


~ ~ ~

¹ If only they could see how their behaviour drives even more people away from whichever church they chose to ‘defend’