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Thanks Dee Tenorio For The Great Design...

I just wanted to say thanks to Dee Tenorio for doing such a great job on the blog redesign. She was beyond accommodating and was ever so easy to work with.

So a massive thank you Dee!!!

You can see some of her other designs over at her Laideebug Digital website here.


  • I concur!!!

    Thank you and thank you and thank you, Dee!


  • Indeed! Thanks for all your hard work. I love having my wimpy face signing my reviews now. 🙂


  • Marie-Thérèse
    May 6
    8:56 am

    Been lurking here for ages but decided to delurk to let you know that I heartily approve of the new design. Red’s my favourite colour so that was a given but the whole thing really looks fresh, bold and lovely. Good job!


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