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Now this? *This* is censorship.

You know how, when a blog owner doesn’t allow certain things to be said in her comment threads, or when an online forum’s guidelines specify that no discussions of religion or politics are allowed there, there are people who start screeching immediately about their right to free speech and how both of those things are censorship?

(Never mind that a) the right to free speech as per the First Amendment of the US Constitution has no bearing on discussions that involve people from countries other than the US–such as gee, this one–or that b) censorship in a private space doesn’t violate said amendment.)

But here we have a real example of censorship: (more…)

KKB Sensuality Ratings...

KKB Sensuality Ratings…

Monday, May 7, 2012
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I finally got round to setting a guideline for sensuality ratings on here.

And without further I do, I give you the KKB Sensuality Ratings:

BLISTERING: Graphic, explicit sex scenes and lots of it. Probably best not to be read whilst on public transport. Just saying.

TORRID: Sex is explicit, but it doesn’t take over the whole damn book. There may be some kinky stuff too, but not much.

STEAMY: There is some vanilla sex, including the odd nipple tweaking and vag baiting, but not much of it. Definitely no kink.

CANDY FLOSS: That bedroom door is firmly shut, you’ll be lucky if you get an extended lip-lock with tongues.

Every review from here on in will now come with one of the above ratings. Hopefully this will make your book-buying decisions a bit easier. Or not, as the case may be…

PS: I did consider using red penises to indicate level of sexual activity, e.g. 1 penis = mild, 2 penis = hot etc, etc, but I thought better of it:)