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Willaful Review: The Last Good Man by Kathleen Eagle

Sensuality rating: Steamy Plus. The language isn’t euphemistic, but the love scenes aren’t really graphic or elaborate.

After enjoying But That Was Yesterday  so much, I jumped at the chance to review this Kathleen Eagle reprint, originally published in 2000.  Although I didn’t love it quite as much, it was another intelligent, deftly characterized story, and confirms my feeling that Eagle is my newest favorite author.

All his life, Clay Keogh has given undemanding, unconditional love and care to anyone who’s needed it: abandoned horses, neglected kids, his firebrand half-brother Kole Kills Crow, and most of all, Savannah Stephens. Clay, Kole and Savannah had grown up together, but although she had a unspoken crush on the much older Kole, Clay was the one she experimented with, the boy who was totally trustworthy and totally devoted to her sexual pleasure. (more…)