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Authors Who Write The Same Book, Over and Over Again

I read Lora Leigh’s latest book the other day, and although I keep threatening to quit her, I still end up buying her books, hoping against hope that that will be the book where she breaks the habit of a career, and gives me a different plot device. I’m still waiting.

Are there any other authors that you’ve come across who write decent books, but it’s basically the same book over and over and over?


  • Sherrilyn Kenyon. Now she’s written a lot of books and there is some variety but so many of them boil down to:

    Guy with ultra tragic past is in pain and bad tempered and lashes out at everyone

    Woman with heart of gold sees he’s really just a sweetheartb while he lashes out at her repatedly


    Tragic past and PTSD healed by the super-magic-healing-va-jay-jay

    Happily ever after.

    It’s got so bad that I can’t even scratch up sympathy for the guy’s tragic past any more – especially since the one’s with a much less tragic past just seem so whiny compared to the EPIC TORTURED SUFFERING of the earlier ones.


  • Nora Roberts and her BFFs that come in threes, sometimes fours. I just blogged about the latest; can’t figure out why I keep buying them. No matter what the plot, I KNOW what’s coming.


  • Mireya
    May 10
    11:54 am

    Lora Leigh and after reading Laurann Dohner’s New Species, that author already fell into the same trap I consider Lora Leigh to be in: that of the interchangeable characters. I can’t tell who’s who any longer because, well, they all “read” the same. Laurann Dohner is not only obviously inspired by the Breeds, but she’s making the exact same mistakes as LL. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the majority of the fans care one way or the other. They keep selling like hot cakes. That being said, I keep buying LL’s books.

    As to Sherrilyn Kenyon, I keep buying her books as well, even though I don’t have that “desperation” to start reading every new one when it releases. As I said on a post in another thread, I think “Acheron” was the last one of hers I read, and there have been, at the very least 2 or 3 more after that one. They all are on my TBR pile.


  • Las
    May 10
    12:04 pm

    Oh, yeah, Lora Leigh is a big one. So is Lorelei James. It’s not something that typically bothers me on it’s own, but the writing either has to be really good or have that sucks-you-in-even-though-you-know-better quality. Lorelei James is definitely the latter for me, and Lora Leigh used to be, but her writing is just so bad that I can’t enjoy her anymore.

    Nalini Singh is kind of repetitive, too. I love her writing and her Psy/Changeling series is awesome, but when it comes to the romance aspect of her books they all sort of blend. Out of the 10 full-length books in the series, I’d say maybe three of the couples really stand out to me. With every book I know exactly how the relationship is going to pan out from the very beginning.


  • Meri
    May 10
    6:20 pm

    I agree with Carolyn about Nora Roberts. Julia Quinn’s books are started to blend together for me, too, and to a lesser extent, Mary Balogh’s books. I guess for prolific authors, it gets progressively more difficult to keep things fresh without turning to different sub-genres.


  • Christine Feehan’s books Carpathians are the same book over and over.

    You know, I can’t disagree with Carolyn about Nora Roberts, yet I find them all, trilogies and quartets, still highly readable and enjoyable.


  • Bonnie
    May 11
    12:45 am

    Yeah, I agree with Carolyn about Nora’s trilogies, too. Although, I think I’m going to bow out this time and not buy “The Last Boyfriend”. It’s just too much of the same.

    However, The Witness was fabulous – her best stand-alone in years, IMO. I still love the In Death books, too.


  • I liked the first two books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J R Ward. I couldn’t get past chapter 2 in the 3rd because I knew exactly where the story was going.

    Also – every single menage ebook that is now being written doesn’t matter which author.


  • @Bonnie: Oh I completely agree! The Witness was Nora at her best and the heroine just blew me away.

    I love her stand alones and Eve and Roarke *sigh*. The trilogies have become too assembly line for me, although like AL said, they can still be an enjoyable read. That sounds so contradictory, but Nora is not only a prolific writer, she’s a good writer. She writes stories that make you not care if they sound familiar.

    Think I’ll stop now. I’m confusing myself, lord knows what I’m doing to y’all!


  • sallah
    May 15
    2:47 am

    Janet Evanovichs Stephanie Plumbs.. Stephanie blows the capture 2x before making capture, car explodes, Ranger or Morelli… Rinse and repeat..


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