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Whiskey Creek Press Love Their Authors Like Victoria Beckham Loves Complex Carbohydrates Part 1499...

Yet another satisfied Whiskey Creek author left this comment on an old Whiskey Creek Press blog post:

I also had a bad experience with WCP. They did not publish my book until one year after I signed the contract. A month before it was supposed to be published the editor contacted me and I had to rush to look at everything.

A second editor completely ignored the changes and sent me a galley with errors in it. When I asked if we could correct those errors she called me up and said that I was a horrible writer and she is confused about why the company ever took me on. After berating me for ten minutes she suggested I buy out my contract because I had a bad attitude (all because I wrote a polite e-mail pointing out that a few things were missed.)

She said I was much too young to be doing this. What company accepts a manuscript and then their editor calls to berate the author? Then when it came time for royalty payments, I never got them. They said “We will get you next time around.” Does this sound unprofessional to anyone?

I’ve got a few questions in response to the above:

A; She obviously knew the publishing date, why didn’t she query it in the first place, if she wasn’t happy with the length of time it would take for her book to hit the public? I have to say, a year sounds pretty reasonable to me.

B: Why was she rushing to get the edits in a month prior to publishing? She’s just complained about the length of time she’d been given between signing her contract and having the book published.

C: Why would an editor tell you what an asshole you are, just because you asked for the changes to your book to be implemented? Do we think she’s missed a whole chunk out of information out here? (Mind you, this is Whiskey Creek Press after all, so you never know…)

D: Did she actually sell copies of her books? What are the payment terms over at WCP?

I never know what to believe with these epub authors, I just assume that anybody who has this much trouble with their publisher isn’t the brightest bulb in the picnic hamper. It sounds like she’s been dicked around, but honestly she doesn’t sound overly bright, so my sympathies are limited. Harsh, I know, but hey, what are ya gonna do?