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Meet Harvey Specter...My New Crush...

I discovered Suits last week. And I loved it. But I love, love, love Harvey Specter more.

You have to watch the show to get his appeal. Seriously…

Here’s Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey, explaining Harvey. Total swoonfest!

You can buy a copy of the Season One DVD of Suits at Amazon.com here.


  • jmc
    June 20
    4:39 pm

    On one hand: Harvey Specter. I love the character, and Gabriel Macht is quite handsome.

    On the other hand: the entire premise of the show makes my brain hurt. While I get Harvey’s loyalty once he’s “adopted” Mike, I find it hard to believe he would’ve adopted Mike at all. Unauthorized practice of law and fraud with potential disbarment as punishment seem antithetical to Harvey’s self-interest.

    But still, so very shiny and pretty.

    Also in the win column: Gina Torres as Jessica.


  • @jmc: I find it easy enough to suspend disbelief, seeing as I’m in the habit of reading books about men who are perfect in every way, heh.

    Yes, love Gina Torres as Jessica.


  • Cindy
    June 20
    11:29 pm

    I adore Gabriel Macht as Harvey, and was perfectly willing to suspend my own disbelief about the whole thing. I thought he might send him to law school on the sly but he hasn’t. Still. I think Harvey might be the best lawyer character on TV since Denny and Allan on Boston Legal. And Perry Mason. Sorry. He must be included.


  • Zoe Washburne? Oh, man. So tempting. (Yes, I’m still waiting for a Firefly revival.)

    Like I need another show to suck up my minimal free time.


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