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2012 Olympics In London Is Going Rather Swimmingly....

I am having a ball watching this year’s Olympics, I’ve never been so proud to be British, and never cried so much in my life! Go Team GB!

The commentary and coverage by the BBC has been second to none, the opening ceremony was fantastic and Danny Boyle did a great job at making the opening ceremony about us Brits rather than pandering to the rest of the world. And finally, Team GB have been making me very proud indeed!

Andy Murray – Men’s Singles Tennis gold medallist

Jessica Ennis – Heptathlon Gold Medallist

Mo Farah – 10,000 meters gold Medallist


  • Ann Bruce
    August 5
    9:32 pm

    I love that the winners are so multicultural. Ennis is half Jamaican and Farah was born in Somalia. Let’s hope this helps counter the racism in the UK.


  • I adore Federer, but I was really happy for Murray. Too bad about the football though. 🙁


  • Dawn Brookes
    August 6
    3:59 pm

    I’ve never watched so much sport. Being Jamaican, I’m supporting both Jamaica and GB, but I’ve been so proud of everyone competing. Milton Keynes even has it’s own Olympic champion in Greg Rutherford (gold post boxes already done). I’ve been very emotional while watching the athletics, especially when the stadium sings God Save the Queen.


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