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Compare and Contrast These Two Couples...

I’ve never watched so many Youtube vids in my life! Ever since I started researching interracial relationships, I’ve come across loads of IR couples on Youtube, basically vlogging (I now know what a Vlog is, yay for me!) about their lives and their relationships.

Anyway, more of that later, I just wanted to show you two couples who I believe have very different futures in terms of how much longer their relationship can last.

Check out the first couple, Justin and Brandy I think they’re called: (don’t quote me though)

The body language says it all I think. In my opinion, one of them has already checked out of the relationship. If you don’t believe me, just watch their other vids.

And contrast them with this couple: Gabe and Chad:

The second vid is longer, but you can see the difference in the dynamics of their relationship straight away I think.

This has nothing to do with them being IR couples, I just found it fascinating as an objective viewer to see a relationship/marriage where one half of a partnership seems to have checked out emotionally. I could be wrong of course, and you can’t really judge a relationship based on five minutes worth of footage, but I have a feeling I’m not wrong.

What do you guys think?

Side note, I have to say, I’m still thrown by the fact that so many people want to catalogue their relationships on Youtube. The whole idea of it brings me out in hives.