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Compare and Contrast These Two Couples...

I’ve never watched so many Youtube vids in my life! Ever since I started researching interracial relationships, I’ve come across loads of IR couples on Youtube, basically vlogging (I now know what a Vlog is, yay for me!) about their lives and their relationships.

Anyway, more of that later, I just wanted to show you two couples who I believe have very different futures in terms of how much longer their relationship can last.

Check out the first couple, Justin and Brandy I think they’re called: (don’t quote me though)

The body language says it all I think. In my opinion, one of them has already checked out of the relationship. If you don’t believe me, just watch their other vids.

And contrast them with this couple: Gabe and Chad:

The second vid is longer, but you can see the difference in the dynamics of their relationship straight away I think.

This has nothing to do with them being IR couples, I just found it fascinating as an objective viewer to see a relationship/marriage where one half of a partnership seems to have checked out emotionally. I could be wrong of course, and you can’t really judge a relationship based on five minutes worth of footage, but I have a feeling I’m not wrong.

What do you guys think?

Side note, I have to say, I’m still thrown by the fact that so many people want to catalogue their relationships on Youtube. The whole idea of it brings me out in hives.


  • Yeah, the first dude is definitely out of there. I don’t understand the proliferation of these type videos either. My husband and I have been together fifteen years and We’ve never felt the need to YouTube ourselves. For one thing, what the hell would we talk about? Our lives pretty much revolve around two kids and Home Depot. Between soccer and carpool we really don’t have time for much else. Our relationship is pretty much everyone else’s which is why I question the sanity of anyone intereste in it!the fact that we’re different races rarely cross my mind. It’s usually other people that remind me. I find myself wondering why folks are staring, then I remember. It’s actually quite funny.

    I wonder how they manage to get their husbands to make these videos? My husband supports me in my career but no way in hell would he get in front of a camera to mke a YouTube video. He won’t even get a Facebook page. He thinks social media is crazy.

    What exactly are they seeking? I don’t follow YT all that much. Is it common for people to document their relationships this way.


  • Hi. Regarding the first video, I don’t know if he’s checked out of the relationship completely, but he’s definitely NOT present in the moment. This video is obviously something he didn’t want to do. The second two are more personable and a bit amusing, but none of this, in my opinion calls for a video. However, maybe they began the process to keep in touch with/update friends and family, and things grew from there.

    They could also both be cases in which the couples want fame. In the celebrity-crazed society we live in, many people want that, and Youtube allows that for thousands — however fleeting. Think of how often the morning news will highlight a Youtube video that has gone viral. I don’t know why people do the things they do, but it’s fun to speculate.

    I’m somewhat of an introvert, but even if I weren’t, I’d still follow my great grandmother’s adage of not putting my business “all in the streets”. Aside from all of that, I don’t think people would be interested in the minutiae of my life. Why would they?

    And finally, I have to say that I found it distasteful to watch that first woman eat a hotdog on camera. That is all.


  • Jeannie S.
    August 16
    2:02 pm

    I don’t understand putting their lives on YouTube either – it’s like watching home movies. Not really that interesting for other people to watch. Skimming through it, sadly, you can see the first couple does not have much left in the relationship, he is just along for the ride right now. I was waiting for the eye roll at some point. The second couple, though, really connect to each other. Their having fun together, and they want to be together.


  • Man, home movies are boring even when you know the people…

    That first video is depressing. It might just be that he really doesn’t want to be doing the vlogging — but then if that’s true and he’s doing it anyway, that doesn’t bode well for them. Especially since she either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care.


  • foosrock!
    August 16
    10:01 pm

    How about the generation issue?. Seems to me lots of young(er) people love this spot light attention (15minutes of fame?) and social media is just a way for them to have their own Reality TV(which sucks the hugest donkey balls!!!!).

    Whether or not the first couple won’t last, can’t tell, but seeking this sort of attention leaves much to be desired, in my “old world” opinion. BAH!.


  • Anon 76
    August 17
    5:05 am

    I’m gadget challenged so I have no audio on my computer, Le sigh.

    But maybe in this instance it helps because reading the body language is much easier on my end.

    First couple? I don’t know if he’s checked out of the relationship or just uncomfortable over the whole vlogging thing. I also don’t think he was into the whole hotdog thing she was doing. He just seemed really embarassed about the whole situation.

    Plus, very near the beginning he attempts to put his arm around her back and, IMHO, she seemed to be having none of that. Kinda bizarre, actually. Like the hotdog face shoving was cool on camera, but not him draping an arm around her.

    The second couple? Didn’t get to see much of that before my puter started bogging down, alas. What little bit I did get is that he seems very happy.


  • That’s a point Foosrock. I don’t understand this need for attention, but it does seem to be pretty prevalent. A while back a recruiter from one of those nanny shows came calling she was pretty persistent. Telling me it would be great for selling my books, etc… I was ill from the notion of a bunch of strangers tromping through my house, let alone broadcasting my business to all and sundry. I’ll go to the ends of the earth to promote my books, but I won’t pimp my personal life for it.


  • Maili
    August 21
    12:04 pm

    I don’t think the guy in the first video checked out. He seems tired. Both seem tired, actually. I think they’re fine because the guy’s right arm never moved far from hers and they held good eye contact when they talked directly at each other.


  • misspea
    September 22
    9:39 pm

    I really don’t think the guy on the first video has checked out. I’ve seen this couple on YouTube before and came to the same conclusions as you did. They are both aware of peoples opinions of themselves, as they get a lot of comments.
    I now believe he is just uncomfortable doing the vlogs. There are others when his partner secretly films him and you get a totally different view of him. With the second couple they totally look loved up and connected. I’ve seen them before too and they are soon cute!

    Being comfortable in front of a camera doesn’t mean your relationship is solid!!


  • But that’s just the thing misspea, having your guy continue to do something that he’s obviously uncomfortable withsignals there’s a disconnect in the relationship. Most men check out when their needs aren’t being met, and that appears to be the case here.


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