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I Have No Words... Part 1297...

The black guy who hates black people, and the white girl who hates white people? Seriously, I have no words.

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  • Miravlix
    August 22
    1:53 pm

    I think it’s safe to say that we have researched skin color and behavior enough to rule that racism just doesn’t make sense. There is just no way that skin color effects the way ones think to make it an intelligent factor in choosing to hate someone.

    A colored person that grows up in a western culture becomes western and a white man growing up in an Asian culture become Asian, but even then none of the cultures in the world is black and white, all cultures has good and bad things.

    The real problem is that human beings need rules to be civilized, if they don’t have rules or don’t respect/bend the rules of society bad things happen.

    I do not believe the majority of human beings is “good” if they don’t have outside pressure to make them good.


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