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Michelle Review: Casual Fridays by Bridget Midway

Sensuality Level: Blistering BDSM

Multicultural Contemporary: White man, Black woman

Let me start off by saying that my knowledge of BDSM is limited to Bridget Midway books. Generally I don’t enjoy this genre, as most of the books seem almost clinical to me. All the role-playing is just off-putting for some reason.  It’s hard to explain, but the sex seems very pre-meditated, and lacking in real sensuality. That is so not the issue with Midway’s books. I was introduced to the genre through her book, Love My Way. And  if you haven’t read that book you’ve seriously missed out. I know that authenticity is very important to those who read this genre, and while it reads very true to me, I’m no expert.  I can tell you, it is one blistering hot read, so much so that I think Karen should add a “Holy shit!” category. Just saying.

While not a strong follower of BDSM stories I do enjoy books with black women in the submissive role. They are very hard to find, and as far as I know Midway is the only author doing BDSM with black women in the lead. I could be wrong though, if you know of others, hit me up in the comments. Most of the stories I’ve come across are femdom, and while that’s okay, it doesn’t really appeal to me.

Cherish, the heroine is a big time executive in corporate America. She maintains a very rigid public persona, never putting a foot out of place and is subsequently on the fast track to  become CEO of her company. Nobody would ever know that she longs to be dominated and have someone else take over her life. Perry is her very able personal assistant. One day he discovers her need, and as he’s a dom he introduces her to The Life.

Perry wants more from Cherish, but given that he works for her and doesn’t earn as much money, he’s concerned that she will only see him as a fuck-buddy. He also wants to be free to explore more of the BDSM lifestyle. They have limited their relationship to weekends at a local hotel. Cherish is concerned that Perry might try to use her and exploit their relationship as others have tried to do in the past. This conflict seems very reasonable and logical to me, and the way it plays out is a very good conclusion for the story.

This is a fun, sexy romp. I particularly like the way Midway gets into the character’s heads so that the reader can understand why these two people might crave such an unorthodox relationship. I definitely had a great time reading it.

Casual Fridays can be purchased here.


  • I actually really like the book cover, unfortunately too much BDSM for me. I’ve read a couple of Bridget’s more vanilla books, and I don’t recall thinking they were terrible.


  • foosrock!
    August 28
    7:50 pm

    I like this author. Really do, but something doesn’t resonate with me and I can’t put my finger on it. Actually I can, but won’t disclose it as it’s horribly politically incorrect and personal. Really.
    I did purchase this read a while back and enjoyed it. The theme is awesome and wonderfully done. Agree, a highly recommended read.

    I’ve read other BDSM with black female heroines. Check out Tracy Ames, eg.


  • Michelle
    August 28
    10:00 pm

    I probably should’ve explained a bit more about the level of BDSM. I will in future reviews. I’m no expert, but I would say this one is definitely on the light side. Definitely lighter than Love My Way which had flogging and such. There was spanking, but that was about it as far as physical punishments went. It was mostly a head game kind of thing.


  • Thanks for the review, Michelle. Yes, as far as BDSM goes, the level in “Casual Fridays” is MUCH lighter than in LOVE MY WAY or the previously-published WOMAN IN CHAINS. Glad you dug it.

    Karen, THIS novella had too much BDSM for you? I thought you read LOVE MY WAY before.

    foosrock!, what of my writing doesn’t resonate with you? I’m a big girl. Trust me. I can take it. I’m assuming since you ended with a disclaimer that your conclusion is politically incorrect and personal that it has something to do with race and my expertise in BDSM.

    Another author writing interracial BDSM with African-American heroines is Yvette Hines.


  • @Bridget Midway: Hi Bridget, my tolerance for BDSM, has decreased significantly. I mostly avoid BDSM books now, even BDSM-lite.

    I don’t think I’ve read Love My Way, I just read the blurb, and I can’t imagine I picked it up. I really hate dom/sub romances. I’ve read That’s What Friends Are For, and your Fascination Street one seems familiar too.


  • @ Karen Scott: Uh oh. Sounds like you may have encountered some bad BDSM. I definitely understand. BDSM is an acquired taste.


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