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What Are Your First Thoughts About This Couple?

Click to enlarge.

Yes, they’re married…


  • Raisa Patel
    September 17
    9:51 am

    Gold digger.. Trashy.. Dirty man.


  • Las
    September 17
    12:43 pm

    Man who uses his money to get the type of woman he wants. Woman who’s smart enough to take advantage.


  • My first thought is that he’s rich. My second thought is that it matters to her.


  • Huh.

    I didn’t have any particular thoughts, actually.


  • At first I thought “golddigger.” Then I blew up the pic and realized she’s a bit older than she initially looks, and he’s a bit younger. Still an ge gap, but not as significant as I thought.


  • Maili
    September 17
    7:21 pm

    First thought: “Dallas!”

    (I really do think that each time I see a photo of a couple in that set-up.)


  • Yes! I immediately thought of JR Ewing!

    Apart from that, I made the usual assumptions: He’s rich, she’s younger, he wants sex, she wants money.

    A love match? Nah.


  • My first thought was “Who?”
    Second was “they both look rather uncomfortable.


  • SamG
    September 17
    11:31 pm

    I also thought ‘he’s rich’.

    Are we way off base?


  • jmc
    September 18
    1:58 am

    I thought they were both tacky and kind of trashy looking: hats, tans, dress & suit combo that doesn’t match.


  • Anon76
    September 18
    4:14 am

    I have to admit, my first thought was golddigger and a guy who can buy what he wants.

    Bad on me, but it’s the pose. She’s turned in such a manner as to dominate the picture and show off her watch and ring, among other bling of a non-material nature. LOL

    Then in the next instant I thought, wow, this guy is grinning like a fool and doesn’t have his arm around her. Maybe this is really a proud dad with his daughter. That is until it was clarified they are married.

    Any thoughts after that don’t count because they weren’t spur of the moment.


  • Thought one: Those hats look dumb.

    Thought two: Man, I don’t know how people can wear WHITE CLOTHES. I can’t even wear a partly white T-shirt without staining it.

    Thought three: I hope that naked woman behind them is a statue and not someone paid to act like a statue.

    So I guess I stuck with the superficial!


  • wendy
    September 18
    9:04 pm

    Plastic surgery!


  • Throwmearope
    September 21
    2:54 pm

    Trophy wife.


  • amouise
    September 27
    1:26 pm

    Currently wealthy. Either lives in Texas, were at a Texas event or photo op. Probably a 2nd marriage for him as she’s much younger than he is. Society woman. Image is important to both of them.


  • Tina
    October 9
    5:54 pm

    My immediate thought…he’s probably a billionaire. And this is why I can’t take romance novels with hot young billionaires seriously. Cuz THIS is what billionaires look like. They don’t look like Joe Mangianello. They look like this guy.


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