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There Are Some Weird Mother Effers Out There...

Thanks to Mad for this graphic, love it, haha!

There’s a bird on Twitter who I used to follow, because she was a fellow Scandal fan. Then I realised that she was nutty as a fruitcake.

She’s majorly obsessed with Tony Goldwyn, one of the main guys on Scandal. He played the bloke who organised for Patrick Swayze’s character in Ghost, to be killed. But this isn’t actually what makes her a total loony (even though she refers to him like he’s her personal property, and she cussed Kerry Washington out on Twitter because her character in Scandal was mean to Tony Goldwyn’s character – it’s tres embarrassing actually) no, what makes her just a bit nuttier than your average fruitcake is this vid:

The guy in the vid is a random bloke who she apparently walked past on a beach and took an instant shine to. She doesn’t know who he is, but she fancies herself in love with him. I’m pretty sure the poor guy didn’t even know that she was taking pics of him.

Now, this may be considered romantic in a movie, or even in a book, but in real life? It’s a more than a little cray-cray. Fucknut much? I can’t help but wonder what she would do if she found him one day, and discovered that he was happily married with children.

Don’t pretend you guys didn’t just think of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. *Shudder*.


  • Anon76
    November 27
    9:44 pm

    Wow! At least in Fatal Attraction the Michael Douglas character wasn’t just some random innocent. I think that dynamic of the movie made it bone-chilling to many people on a different level. You know, the type that think all this craziness happens to other people, but not them, because they are tough and guide their own paths. Their own actions somehow placing them in the path of danger? Never. (And this is not to say I condone the crap that happened in the movie. None of that apeshit was in any way deserved.)

    This other poor guy? This is total WTF. It’s terror inducing on its own plane.


  • Yikes! Of course I think some of those Scandal chicks are well beyond the cray, but yeah this one is definitely Queen Cray.


  • Lee
    November 28
    7:04 pm

    Wow, I can’t even deal with this cray- cray.


  • Nikki H
    January 7
    1:26 am

    Yeah, she’s sounds nuts. And then you posted her video.


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