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Michelle Reviews: Happily Even After Lena Matthews

happily even after


Sensuality Level: Steamy

Multicultural Contemporary: BW/WM

I must confess, this book has been in my TBR pile FOREVER. I like Matthews, but I had no idea how in the living hell she was going to pull this one off. The H/h are divorced, but they get back together WHILE she’s pregnant by somebody else. Despite my misgivings, she manages to pull it off, with some caveats. Dean is a fabulous hero. I love Matthew’s blue-collar heroes and Dean typifies them. In a Romancelandia awash in billionaires Dean is just a regular guy who works in a factory, and I love him for that. Creigh is more problematic. The motives for some of her behavior is questionable. And that’s my main problem with the book, why on earth did she divorce this guy in the first place? Dean didn’t want the divorce. He’s still in love with Creigh and wants his wife and kids back. Creigh wanted to leave Dean, but we really never understand why. There are some vague reflections on neglect, but nothing really concrete. And I understand that, the biggies, adultery or battery are definite no-nos in a romance, but I wish I’d had a firmer foundation. Either way, it’s still a very good story. I enjoyed it tremendously. It would be an A book despite the ambiguity about the divorce, but Creigh does something else that is so incredibly baffling that the book loses an entire grade for me. So now it’s a solid B.

Published by Loose Id

Purchased by me. 



  • foosrock!
    January 25
    11:38 pm

    I didn’t buy this and now I won’t even bother. Like you stated, romance shouldn’t have babies by other men besides the hero. It just comes across too cheap. I mean, what in the blazes is the heroine doing sleeping with another and without protection?. Just takes away my fantasy of perfection. I don’t want reality while reading fantasy!!!.

    Just NO!.

    And, aren’t the hero and heroine AMERICAN?. What’s with the “multicultural” label. Gets my fucking goat. I don’t shop at LooseId anymore because of this. My little protest. Sometimes my eyes are stretched to falling out at Americans!!!.


  • Tina
    January 28
    6:11 pm

    This was one of my favorite reads the year it came out. I loved the relationship dynamic LM created with Dean and Creigh. And yes, my sentiments reflect yours, the reason for the divorce in the first place is the biggest problem with the book and stopped it from being a five-star reas. I need to know that motivation implicitly and the author truly never gives a valid reason why two people, who by all evidence on page, were still incredibly in love.

    But yeah, I adore blue collar heroes in romance so much so that I try to seek them out and Dean is a winner.


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