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Scandal: Fitz and Olivia and The "Moonlighting Curse"

FitznLiv FB213

I see that there are a few people pissed off that the Scandal writers are bringing down hell and damnation on Fitz and Olivia’s relationship. Again.

I get it, I really do, but honestly, I think that our slight obsession with this couple, makes us a little crazy. I’m counting myself in there as well.

I’ve been watching couple-centred dramas for years, and it often takes a long time for the central couple to get together. You guys know this. We’re only on episode twelve of the second season, and people are demanding an end to the angst already? No wonder so many shows get cancelled, the audience of today have no patience at all.

In my opinion, there has been progression, it may not be progression in the way we would prefer, but there’s definitely been a shift between them, and that shift is the reason why so many of us are die-hard Fitz/Liv fans.

I loved Fitz and Olivia in Season One, but when she walked away from the White House in episode seven, I didn’t feel the ache in my gut like I did when Fitz let her go in episode four of this season. That’s called progression. I now feel emotionally attached to these two people, in a way that I didn’t in Season One.

The reason that we feel the way we do about Fitz ‘n’ Liv is because the Scandal writers have taken us on this marvelous journey with their relationship. They’ve made us feel invested in what happens to them, so much so, that some of us feel sick at the thought of a TV president, throwing over his mistress, and getting back together with his wife. That there is genius writing.

Fitz N Liv Pin scene

People talk about the Moonlighting curse being an urban myth, but I disagree. In my experience, once a TV couple that you’re pulling for make it, or are in a less stressed-out place, relationship-wise, there isn’t the urgency to tune in to see what they’re up to. You’re not as worried about them, because when you last left them, they were doing ok.

I along with many of you have been watching The Vampire Diaries since the beginning, and I’ve watched the fans crying out for a Damon and Elena union. I also watch True Blood, and have also seen the fans clamouring for Sookie and Eric to get together. The thing that these two shows have in common is that the two lead characters got together fairly early on, which meant that the fans who loved them in the beginning, ended up not being as invested in their relationship as the show progressed, and they start eyeing up potential new suitors for the heroine.

I have no doubt in my mind, that if Damon had gotten together with Elena first, there would have been a campaign to get Stefan and Elena together – no matter how beautiful looking Ian Somerhalder is. Here we are in season four, and the fans have gotten what they wanted. Julie Plec’s writing skills will be tested now, because she’s finally given the fans what they’ve been longing for, for four seasons. Will that translate to more fans tuning in every week to see how their favourite couple are doing? You’d think so wouldn’t you, but I bet in a few weeks, less people will feel the urge to watch TVD live.

I’m a huge Merlin fan, and for four seasons, I was desperate for Arthur and Gwen to get together. They finally got married in Season Four, and I was ecstatic. But then Season Five began, and I found myself no longer tuning in to watch it live. I started recording it and watching at my own leisure. I didn’t even notice how my Merlin-watching habit had changed until recently, but it had. I still loved the show, but there was no longer this burning need to tune in asap to see what my favourite couple were up to.

Nathan and Hayley

I was a huge fan of Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill, (and on some level, I always will be) but it’s no accident that Season Three was my favourite of the nine that were aired. Season three was the season that Nathan and Hayley were most at odds with each other. They went through a lot that year, and I tuned in every week, desperate to see if this would be the week that they would kiss and make up. To the delight of fans everywhere, they eventually re-married at the end of the season, and all was well ( well apart from the crash at the end).

When Season Four of One Tree Hill came back, of course I wanted to see how things panned out for them, but as per usual, once all the legitimate angst was over, I no longer felt the burning need to tune in live to watch them.

I watch a British drama serial called Emmerdale, and for months I was desperate for two of its stars, Gennie and Nikhil to get together. I tuned in every night, desperate to see them interact, and oh it was agony because they had so few scenes together, but the scenes they had were great, and I really looked forward to them. Their will they/won’t they story went on for ages, and then they finally got together. And guess what? That desperate need to see them interact died a little. Of course I’m still happy to see them on-screen, but that burning desire to tune in for the sole purpose of seeing them together died when they found their happy place.

The truth is, as much as we think we hate angst at the time, it’s what keeps us tuning in to certain shows. Angst is watchable. Watching happy couples being happy, not so much. Unless it’s a comedy of course:)

Fitz n Liv One Minute

I write all of the above to say that there’s simply no point panicking, regardless of your thoughts about previous Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice story lines. Shonda Rhimes is in control here. She’s an evil genius who somehow was able to make so many of us root for an adulterous couple, and feel ok about it. I for one am going to get on her Shondaland Rollercoaster, and stay on until the ride stops, no matter how often I puke on the person sat next to me.

Fitz and Olivia are the endgame, but getting them to their happy place wont be easy, nor should it be, if the show is to last beyond its third season…

What would you guys like to see happen over the back nine episodes?


  • Oh by the way, apologies in advance for any typos that you find, editing wasn’t a priority unfortunately:)


  • Tina
    February 5
    9:37 pm

    First, I enjoy your obsession with Scandal. I am right there with you.

    Second, I think Shonda Rhimes had created a realistic enough impediment that even the most die hard fans know deep down that there is no way in hell Olitz can get together at this point. They may say they want them together but they know they would begin to question it if SR waved a magic wand and made it happen. I know I would. I love them being tortured. LOVE IT! I just want her to maintain the precarious balance she has so far — making all three of them Fitz,Mellie and Olivia morally ambiguous — which is working a lot for me.

    Third, don’t even get me started with Merlin. The fifth season was a dud all the way around. Personally, I don’t think the snore-fest that was Gwen and Arthur had anything to do with them finally getting together. I blame the writers for not wanting to alienate their Arthur/Merlin slash fans or other vocal fans who didn’t want the show to become a “love story.” So to overcompensate they basically neutered them as a couple. However Gwen/Arthur’s dismal marriage was the least of that season’s problems…


  • @Tina: I hear you about Merlin and all the fans who were desperate for some Arthur and Merlin loving! Ridiculous! I was so annoyed that Gwen didn’t even get to say goodbye to him, and he just died. What the fuck was that?

    Re Olivia and Fitz, exactly! He’s the president of the United States, his life is really not his own, so the conflicts are real enough, not just the contrived stuff that you see in so many dramas these days.


  • michelle
    February 6
    2:33 pm

    So with you on Olivia and fritz i feel all the angst just makes it better and that with all the angst these people get up and keep moving keep doing their job and thru it all they are smiling and happy but deep down they are hurting. Love love Scandal. So with you on one tree hill i just drifted away from it after the three season it was not destination tv for me anymore, I am fighting my apathy for VD hope it picks back up, cause where do we go after the conflict is resolved?.


  • jazzypom
    February 8
    11:03 pm

    To be honest with you, I’d like Rhimes to go back to the procedural bits in season 1. Now that we’ve acquainted ourselves with everyone (and how), I want to see the carnival aspect of politics.

    In addition, I’d like to see each lead work out their own issues (Fitz, brown will get you down, and the gin is to sin!) before getting back together. I’d like to see Fitz grapple with the problems of the office more. The changing relationship between him and Cy, and how Macbeth he’s going to be.

    For Olivia, I want more background on her and her gladiators. Like, okay, they owe her, but I need to see why.

    I want David and Abby together. #noshame

    But you know what, I’ve learnt from my time with Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s is that she does exactly what she pleases, so I have my defibrillator and smelling salts right beside me.


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