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That boat is still sinking

Remember Karen’s post, way back when, about Jill Noble leaving Noble Romance?

There was a longish thread where at least one Anom (not my typo, people) defended poor lovely Jill and the publisher as a whole. Pretty much everyone else, from Erastes to Brita Addams, J. S. Wayne to Lori Green, and other Noble Romance authors, were pretty pissed at a) how Jill Noble had abandoned ship, and b) how things didn’t change by much with her exit.

(You can still read some of the posts by checking the link round up at Bryl R Tyne–some of them take you to dead air, but the ones still standing are worth spending a few minutes on)

Well, this is close to a year later, and things are…yeah, you guessed, pretty much the same. Different flavor, same bullshit. Jane at Dear Author shared a bit of what one author is going through, trying to get her work distributed to the venue where it sells best.

Charming, eh?

And then we learned some more (from author Kari Gregg):

For the love of all that is holy, yes, AVOID NOBLE ROMANCE. You can read about my experience with Noble releasing a second edition paperback of my Spoils of War that is a grossly inferior and substandard product here. Well, that has details I was willing to give the public, anyway. Noble released the second edition paperback in October 2012 without notifying me so I was totally unaware it existed or that there were problems until April 2013. Dimensions that are approx. 11?x9?, no title page, no page headers, no page numbers, no chapter breaks…and readers had been buying that atrocity for six months. Good God.

I’m filing a claim against Noble in Georgia magistrate court, not only due to the second edition frankenpod but also issues I haven’t mentioned or discussed in public. Unless writers would like to follow my footsteps into court…no. Just no. Stay away.

(read more here)

Authors, it behooves you to beware. The rest of us stare in amazement at the shenanigans and implosions, but these are your careers. Even in the many cases where the writing income is minimal, it’s surely not worth the headache, ulcer and general aggravation, right?

Edited to add: author Brita Addams has a current post on her own issues with Noble Romance here

Further edit, May 3rd: author J. S. Wayne posts about breaches of contract and reversion of rights


Edited to correct spelling–apologies to both authors!


  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you for putting your few words in on behalf of the authors who are stuck with Noble Romance’s ineptitude and disdain. I hope the word spreads far and wide.

    Slight corrections: My name is with two Ds and Kari Gregg.

    Thank you again. I’d appreciate it if you could link to my blog, where I have a long post on the subject. http://britaaddamsblog.blogspot.com/p/noble-romance.html

    I will put a link to yours there as well.

    Take care and thank you for being an author advocate.



  • Link to your blog added, as well as typos in both names corrected.

    And you are welcome.


  • Thank you Karen. Your support is valued.


  • Ms Addams, this is azteclady, not Karen–I blog here, occasionally, at her pleasure.


  • @AztecLady: So sorry, but happy to know you!


  • Amarinda Jones
    April 24
    9:01 am

    Shaking my head. Nothing has changed with those wankers – and yes please Anom – I would love another round of comments from you. You’re very entertaining


  • Well I get my monthly checks of approximately 98 cents a month and although I asked them to stop and just send me a check when $10.00 is reached, they don’t.


    I’m throwing up my hands with most publishers at this point.


  • You may add my voice to the list. I am prominently listed on Piers Anthony’s HiPiers.com as one of the complainants against Noble Romance Publishing, and have just published a post at my blog (http://jswayne.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/silence-does-not-equal-consent/) concerning the substance of my issues. What triggered this was learning that Gombart is now claiming I am on friendly terms with Noble, all is forgiven, et cetera. I assure you this is not the case.
    The links to my previous blogs are down, for reasons that will become clear when you read my post. I can only say I did what I felt was best at the time.
    No fool like an old fool.


    J.S. Wayne


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