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Remember Fred Phelps and the rest of the Westboro assholes? Weeeeeeelllllll.....

(This made me smile so hard!)

So you know how Fred Phelps and his tribe of lawsuit-happy, homophobic crazies love to picket funerals and other functions with their hate-mongering signs and chants, which are often carried by young children?

Well, it does seem that they have a little bit of trouble being on the receiving end.

Behold, Equality House, a space and resource center for equality and anti-bullying initiatives, for volunteer members of Planting Peace (go here for more)

Equality House in Topeka
To get the full effect, keep in mind that this house? with this specific purpose? is located right across the street from the Phelps so-called “church.”

And if this alone weren’t enough to make you hit the donate button…

A 5-year old girl set up a lemonade stand in front of Equality House, to raise funds for–get this–

For Peace - Pink Lemonade
(click the image if you want to help her–and spit in the assholes eyes at the same time)

There you go, assholes, suck on that a bit.

~ * ~

The cherry on top:  it touched a nerve; according to this, someone connected to Phelps/Westboro twitted this:

“*WHO* let nasty fucks get hands on this poor child? #danger.”

(The irony, it slays)

And according to this, they have come out to scream obscenities at the girl, her father, and those who stop by to get some lemonade.

Well done, Jayden–you scored in all fronts!


  • Anon76
    June 17
    5:03 pm

    I clicked on all those links…and wished I hadn’t.

    Such blind hatred still continues to amaze me. Actually makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    What happens when one of those children sporting signs and shirts of hatred learns they are gay at about 13. Will the parents think it’s “the will of GOD” if that child puts a gun in his/her mouth and pulls the trigger?

    Will the parents then have the accumen to look back through the annals of history and realize that homosexuality has been around since the beginning of man? And since it has been around from the very beginning, then it is natural and part of God’s plan. Or, heaven forbid, God f’d up.

    Nah, they’d never blame it on God’s natural plan. And it would be blame, in their eyes. The Spanish Inquisition was hell on earth with the interpretation of God’s words by petty men. No different with this gay bashing thing.


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