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TBR Challenge: Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair

gamesThe Theme: Read a RITA winner or nominee

Why This One: Someone mentioned at All About Romance that the hero is a socially awkward, pining, virgin Cyborg. You have my attention!

I’m a day late and also have to be a dollar short, since I’m drowning in review books. In brief, this was a very enjoyable science fiction frenemies-to-lovers story. Admiral Branden Kel-Paten is a cybernetically altered human; he’s not supposed to be able to have emotions — and would be in deep shit if anyone discovered he’s madly in love with Captain Tasha “Sass” Sebastian.  Nonetheless, he insists that she serve under him — heh — but somehow in every encounter he antagonizes her.  Tasha is a great tough, wisecracking, competent heroine, who eventually learns to see the protective, passionate man behind Kel-Paten’s emotionless exterior. The plot is a complicated, Star Trekian alien encounter, with some powerful twists.  Great read, 4 stars. You can buy it here.


  • Probably my favorite Sinclair. Glad you liked it!


  • Wendy
    June 25
    12:46 am

    Science Fiction Romance is a sub genre I don’t naturally gravitate towards, but I was assigned to review this one during my TRR days and really, really enjoyed it. I loved the primary romance of Tasha and Kel. I was, however, less enthralled with the secondary romance and would count down the pages until the author took me back to Tasha/Kel 🙂


  • @Wendy: I don’t either, because every time I start to read science fiction I become intensely stupid. But I just let everything roll over me this time. 🙂


  • Ana
    July 18
    11:26 am

    I really enjoyed this one when I read. I think I have a few more by the author in the TBR pile but Sci Fi is not my usual genre so I haven’t picked them up yet.


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