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Sites Sighted

Monday, September 23, 2013
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Since so many readers were interested in more people of color in romance, I wanted to share this site I happened across, Romance in Color:

We’re romance lovers whose goal is to advance the awareness and appreciation of diversity in romance novels. The hero or heroine of all romance novels on this site will be a person of color.

While I’m at it, Love in the Margins is a great new group blog trying to expand the traditional romance boundaries:

We (mainly) review romance and erotica featuring characters from every corner. Of special interest to us is how the romance genre tells (or avoids telling) the stories of those whose lives don’t fit into the neat and tidy box labeled “default.” Characters of varying sexual orientations or gender representations? We review it. Couples of color? We review it. Heroes with disabilities or heroines managing chronic illness? We review it. Blue-collar Cowboy Dom with ex-con brothers falling for a transgender ballet teacher recovering from combat-related PTSD? Not sure this book exists, but if we find it, we’ll review it. We’ll talk openly and honestly about what we loved and what we hated, as romance readers and people who deal with this stuff in everyday life.


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