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KarenS Capsule Review: Flirting With The Camera By Ros Clarke

Flirting with the camera 150 x 150

Sensuality Rating: STEAMY

This was a book that I decided to buy because I caught a random conversation on Twitter. I have no idea who the conversation was between, but I think the words “heroine with a great body image” or some such were included in there somewhere.

Anyway, here’s the synopsis from Amazon:

Hattie Bell is beautiful, brilliant and bigger than your average plus-sized model. For top fashion photographer Tom Metcalfe, Hattie is the muse he needs to help him break into the art world.

Working with Hattie is going to send his career rising into the stratosphere.

Falling in love with Hattie is going to bring his life crashing down around his feet.

The blurb is basic and really doesn’t do this story justice, but some of the things that I loved about Flirting With The Camera was the heroine. Hattie was a fun person who totally embraced her size, and knew that she was beautiful. How often do you get that in a romance? Hattie was an absolute breath of fresh air and her chemistry with Tom was on point.

I also liked Tom, he was pretty closed off, and was your quintessential tall, dark and mysterious guy, but he had real substance, and his back story was touching.

Anyway, if you fancy a read, you can download the book from Amazon.com here.