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So How Many Of You Guys Watch Scandal?


I’m trying to work out whether it’s worth writing Scandal reviews on here. Don’t be shy, come out and let me know…or not, as the case may be…


  • Me! *waves* The hiatus is killing me!


  • Melissa
    January 28
    11:18 am

    Nope, sorry!


  • Randi Thompson
    January 30
    9:19 pm

    LOVE. IT. I remember when it first came out, you posted your reviews here. I didn’t watch it then. But then my mother and I started watching it over the summer. We couldn’t get enough of it. Every epi is like, “OMG! WTF? OMG? WTF?” Like KT Grant, the hiatus driving me bonkers.


  • I would definitely read them.


  • rae
    February 2
    8:42 pm

    I’ve stopped watching but I stil read the reviews and watch the afterbuzz show. I’m hoping it gets good enough to watch again.


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