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Elloras Cave Sucketh Episode 667...

titanic sinking

Another day, another email from yet another happy EC author;

I have a several contracts with EC. Yeah, I’m kicking myself. Wish I never signed those contracts and I should’ve known better having worked in the legal field for over 25 years. In any event, I got suckered in. I have given them 2 books and I just finished my third for them but I haven’t turned it in. It’s taken EC almost a year to edit the first and not because I’m a bad writer. (Only one round of edits) and another 10 months to edit the second book which I turned into them last April. (I’m supposed to get final edits next week.) They’re slooooooow on all ends.

I believe you are right on the mark, they’re having money problems. It’s not hard to see if you look closely. They’re letting go of staff. Lisa Gray who’s been with them for 8 years and I know of two others. One of them told me they were laid-off. I have a feeling EC is about to implode. They’re not paying their authors and I’ve only received money for August and September. I have not gotten a print out on my sales and I haven’t received my digital sales from any of the other vendors my book is supposedly selling with. I’m hoping they breach contract on my second book because if they don’t get it out by April, I’m going to ask for my rights back and legally I can.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months. I’m thinking about checking with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to see if they’ve filed. It’s public record. They may not be at that point but it’s possible. I made a lot of friends at EC and at first I was impressed. But their lack of organization and structure is alarming. I think the powers that be overspent and now we’re paying for it.

I’m working on other projects and trying to get them ready to submit to other houses. I’ll fulfill my obligations to them if they stay in business but I’m going to take my old sweet time about it. They’ve dragged their ass with me so why should I jump through hoops for them. Sad thing is that they had a great gig. Poor business management though.

I love how very happy all these authors are with EC. I wonder what the actual problem is? Lack of cash flow? Bad business management, or do they just suck? I’m betting that it’s the third option…

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