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Ellora's Cave--oh dear!

Karen has often sounded the alarm when it comes to digital publishers screwing their authors, editors, cover artists, etc.

Ellora’s Cave, and its founder Tina Engler / Jaid Black, have often come up in these discussions, for obvious reasons.

Jane over at Dear Author has a post up on this digital publisher that it’s a must read. Sadly, it doesn’t bode well for current authors and contractors to Ellora’s Cave, but it may act as a cautionary tale to writers who wonder where to submit their books.

Good luck to all of Ellora’s Cave currently indentured authors, etc.


  • Me Too
    September 14
    6:14 pm

    Not only have they screwed over all the authors, they haven’t paid content or final line editors since July. Guess everyone is just supposed to work for free to finance Tina Engler’s lifestyle, huh?


  • DAJane’s post mentions that editors are being required to turn in whatever they are working on, and told that they won’t be paid for partial edits–yet, apparently, many have not been paid for any of their work for a while.

    I’m sorry you are on that boat too.


  • It’s been years of hearing how EC is failing so this isn’t a surprise. It’s sad though.

    But I think Jane summarized it right by pointing out that EC refused to play for the marketplace once it changed. They remained overpriced, covers were unoriginal and they just didn’t try.

    Such a pity so many women are getting screwed. Again.


  • Mireya
    September 16
    10:38 pm

    Meanwhile, she goes around screaming “witch hunt”… I guess she should know… she was (in)famous for doing that within her own company. smh Sad, very sad.


  • I considered submitting to Ellora’s Cave before going with Churn Publishing and I thank God for that. Several of my friends have been screwed and it makes me sick. My publisher is still accepting submissions by the way… Good luck!


  • laura
    September 27
    3:22 pm

    ….and now Jane is being sued by EC.


  • That I have to see–but I wouldn’t be surprised. The founder has shown her undies to the world before and will do so again, to her own detriment.


  • Mireya
    September 27
    11:48 pm

    The owner of EC has done quite a number of “interesting” things through the years. If EC does what it did with the lawsuit involving Brashear, it will never respond to any discovery demands as it’s not in the company’s best interest to do so, from what I have been reading. The first thing that will likely be demanded is production of the company’s financial information. If that’s the case, the lawsuit will get dismissed, like the suit involving Brashear, because I seriously doubt they will be any more willing now to produce that info, than they were with the Brashear suit. I don’t see how this will work for the benefit of EC. As it is, there seems to be a large number of authors demanding reversion of rights, fans of EC that are finding out about this are refusing to buy any more EC books, authors are removing EC books from their book lists in their webpages. The repercussions of this are going far beyond what I suspect the owner of EC was hoping to accomplish. It’s looking bad enough that I am beginning to think this maneuver was designed in order for the owner of EC to lay the blame of the failure of the company on the fact that she was “forced” to sue DA for defamation to clear her good name, or some such. smh Sorry, my mind sometimes works in odd ways.


  • Sunita posted about the chilling effects that censorious lawsuits have on speech. EC authors, editors and artists who are owed monies for their work are afraid to speak because they’ve been threatened–with legal action, with naming, perhaps even with doxxing.

    By going after one of the best known bloggers, who also happens to be a lawyer, EC is saying to everyone else, “I’m not afraid of her, I can and will crush *you* so you better keep quiet.”

    Whether it will work or not is still to be seen, but I’m going with not–because EC has been threatening people long enough for their targets to be tired of giving in. Tired enough to rally around Jane if she decides to counter sue and seek delivery that way.

    I would buy popcorn for that.


  • They can try legal action. I am saying nothing my royalty statements and contracts can’t back up.

    Besides, I’m so stone broke, they’ll get nothing out of me.

    You don’t try silencing an abuse survivor. Silence is death and we know it.


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