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Ellora's Cave v Dear Author - how low can you fall (pretty low)

As I reported elsewhere, on Saturday out of the blue–and absolutely not connected to Ellora’s Cave, no siree, it says so right in the tag line–a sockpuppet was created.

From where I sit–hey, Tina, this opinion, savvy? ergo, protected speech–said account is a sockpuppet for Tina Engler/Jaid Black, created strictly to try to intimidate those EC authors and other contractors so they won’t help Jane Litte fight the vexatious defamation suit that Ellora’s Cave filled against her and Dear Author.

It’s not working–donations, which had slowed down a bit, saw an uptick as soon as the toxic egg started posting how the authors had sued Ellora’s Cave (have screenshots, will share). As I type, the amount raised for Jane Litte’s and Dear Author’s legal defense is $47,503. Not bad for a relatively small online community to raise in less than three full days, huh?

Of course, since in Tina Engler’s universe (opinion again) she’s the victim of a vast conspiracy wherein authors are evil creatures all too ready to take advantage of the poor, unappreciated publishers (not linking–you can check her “For the Silenced Victims” piece at her jaidblack.com blog if you must).

Since, as I said, in her own eyes she’s being bullied and attacked by those mean girl bloggers, and writers, and readers, and really, everyone (what is she, five?),  and so far her threatening to blacklist authors (which, as if any serious publisher would listen to anything the crazy eyed, birdflipping woman has do say), she feels justified not only doxxing Jane, but threatening to tell Jane’s bosses, and promises far-lasting repercussions for daring speak out.

PubNet threatens to tell on Jane Litte

PuNet trying to intimidate Jane Litte

Bitch, please.


And for the hell of it, here’s someone else who doesn’t understand how the legal system works:

See, Evie, there’s this little thing about truth being the absolute defense against accusations of defamation, and this other little thing about opinion being protected speech. Oh and malice? Doesn’t quite apply here. Sorry, you don’t even get points for trying.


  • There is obvious speculation of who the mysterious egg was, but I don’t think we should jump to conclusions. It could’ve been a random troll trying to stir the pot even more, since this has been a hot subject gone viral for the past few weeks/months. It was obviously unprofessional, childish behavior, and fortunately, thanks to that user, more people have donated to Jane. Now she’s only $2k away from reaching her $50k goal.


  • @Marie: It’s not a jump, more like a short step.

    Edited to add: see?


  • Last I checked, a blogger and a widow with a cat were not exactly powerful enough to bully a multi-million dollar company.

    In comedy, when you punch downward, making jokes about those with less power than youm that is bullying. When you punch upward, we call it speaking truth to power.


  • Please avert your eyes if some swearing is upsetting to your delicate sensibilities.

    All good? Okay.

    Why the fuck are some EC authors co-opting the #notchilled to peddle their wares?

    If you have non-EC titles, there are at least THREE different places, fairly easy to find, where you can promote them.

    If the one you are flogging in #notchilled is actually an EC title…honestly, even I can be rendered speechless–beyond a hearty, what the actual fuck are you thinking?


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