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Personhood--what the actual FUCK?

I have no idea how on earth I hadn’t heard of this before–which is scary as hell in and of itself!

No abortion for rape or incest pregnancies? Any pregnancy that doesn’t result in a living birth would be considered a suspicious death and investigated by the cops–including miscarriages???

Are you fucking kidding me?

Please, for the love of sanity, tell me this is a prank.

What the hell is next? Where does it stop? At mandatory burkas and chastity belts?


  • It ends with Roe overturned, Griswold overturned, women hanged for abortions and birth control and miscarriages and the remaining few woman so terrified of men that they get married as soon as possible to be protected by one from the many.


  • @Angelia Sparrow: Things like this are part of the reason I understand my own adult offspring when they tell me the will not have children of their own, because things are not only fucked up as hell, but going down hill from there fast.


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