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Did anyone else laugh at this?

PubNt - self awareness, you're doing it wrong

No kidding.


  • Pot meet kettle.


  • @Lori: I’m telling you!

    I see the toxic egg going on and on about how ‘repeating defamation makes you liable’ and blah blah, yet the self-same eggs keeps implying that a federal judge–of all people–is going to be swayed on a case because he’s a Republican.

    Dog preserve me from the willfully irrational.


  • Amarinda Jones
    October 28
    10:10 pm

    I wonder if they actually thought about that before they putting it on the internet, allowing it to confirm what people thought of them? Still, god bless Pub Net for keeping us amused. I hope they use the Maxwell Smart standby of  ‘a warped barrel is a fool’s frustration.’


  • @Amarinda Jones: Screencaps are wonderful things, aren’t they?


  • Who knew?

    Even in the era of the Brashear case, EC/JJ (forget which) was borrowing money at preferential rates and re-lending it below market rates to TE/PM per the lawsuit. Part of the lawsuit was Brashear suing to get the just value of her 5%, and she wanted to make sure that those loans were backed out when the fair market value was determined.

    Oh, and the irony, in one of EC’s filings in that case about why they’d fired Brashear, they quoted a snippy email to EC Biz because…

    …wait for it…

    …royalties were late and authors were checking their mailboxes every day.

    She said something like: aren’t you doing that every day anyway?


  • @Deirdre Saoirse Moen: I see that there are a number of followers and I am pretty sure many, if not most, of those are basically keeping track of the egregiousness of the Nut’s statements.

    Though, to be sure, a strong stomach is needed at times. There’s only so much wrong one can take.


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