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We interrupt this program to say...

If you are a citizen of the United States, and you are woman, this 4th of November,

go vote.

(Okay, also if you are a man)

It’s a right and it’s a duty–and it matters. This is why:

From the video description:

In 2013, there were more laws passed to limit women’s reproductive rights than in the entire previous DECADE.

Many of us may have access to good health care, but our experience being a woman – and our rights – shouldn’t depend on our zip code. Our sisters in Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Ohio, Arkansas, and so many other states don’t have what we have. The most regressive, anti­-woman, anti­-voting, anti-equality laws are being passed on the state level. This is why the MIDTERMS are so important.

The midterm elections on Tuesday, November 4th, are just as important as the Presidential elections. Need a reason to go vote? Check out these terrifying facts:

• 29 States in America allow a rapist to sue a women for custody and/or visitation of the child birthed from that rape.
• 87% of all US Counties have no abortion provider.
• 35%of American women will have an abortion by the age o f45.
• In 35% states, Medicaid recipients do not have abortion coverage.
• In 13 states a pharmacist can legally refuse to disperse birth control, even if you have a prescription.
• 26 states have waiting periods for abortion; only 11 have waiting periods for guns.
• in 17 State the government forces women to go to counseling before she can have an abortion.
• In 32 State terminally ill women are forced to carry a pregnancy to term, regardless of her wishes or her living will.
• More than 50 abortion clinics were shut down by unnecessary laws from 2010­-2013. Not including the dozens that were shut in Texas in the last month.

(For a state by state list of anti­-women/anti-equality laws go to the nifty state-by-state map at ladypartsjustice.com)

With many thanks to Lori Green.

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