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Who's the liar here? (EC v DA)

As a firm believer in karma, I’m confident eventually some people will cry in court (again) while having their lying, cheating, thieving asses handed back to them by the judge.

PubNt - Jaid Black lying once more

And, with any luck, my belief (hello, Tina, opinion = protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution, okay?) that Jaid Black/Tina Engler and the useless Nut are one and the same entity will be proven as fact, and then… Let’s say, a spanking would be the least of what would come down. For shit and giggles:

PubNt  and Jaid Black being precious December 23 2014


  • Oh and hey, guess what?

    Little Jaid Black there just violated the gag order. Hat tip to Julie Naughton for pointing it out.


  • Amarinda Jones
    December 30
    5:04 am

    ‘Can hardly wait for the next instalment. It’s like one of those bad South American soap operas I used to watch when I was supposed to be studying at University. You know you should look away but ya just can’t. Thank you for the entertainment.


  • If it weren’t for all the people caught in the never ending drama, I would enjoy the shenanigans more myself.

    As it is, I can hardly wait until next week and whatever happens during the Case Management Conference…


  • Amarinda Jones
    January 3
    11:11 pm

    Oh hey, I did my time with EC…


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