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Should it be proven... (EC v DA)

…that PubNut (TiNut for short) is actually Tina Engler/Jaid Black, or anyone else directly involved with Ellora’s Cave, tweets like the one below may be of particular interest to any authors and editors who have not been paid, or who have not been paid in a timely manner, or who have in any other way been penalized for not toeing the Tina line:

PubNt - should it be proven that this is actually TE...
Best part is the certainty that there are literally hundreds of screenshots of all the bullshit spewing out of both this and other TE identities, in quite a few computers in widely diverse locations. Any accusations of tampering/altering images would be laughed out of court.


  • Wow. Just wow. Heinous.


  • @Lori: Yes, it is.


  • As if they’re marketing anything anyway.

    No promotion. No reviews. And a warning blurb that KILLED every bit of interest in the book from every set of readers.

    I want my bounty hunters back.


  • @Angelia Sparrow: Ah, but!

    Whether they are (or have been) marketing or not, the fact that they are using this argument (that authors are ‘disgruntled’ and tweeting about it) to justify not promoting the work and not paying the authors would be perfect proof of intent of breaching contract from EC’s side.


  • Julaine
    January 1
    4:46 pm

    Well, I for one have a bunch saved down here in Florida. I also have no connection except for being a long time customer whose business they have lost due to their deplorable actions. I wonder how much business has been lost as word spreads.


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